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YIPL No. 18 - May 1973

Dear YIPL,
I dig what you're doing and it certainly comes out of having a "high level of consciousness" -so why not be that on all levels? --- and stop using the term "MA BELL" (ok, quit making that face and listen first, that term is just another way to lay something negative on females- Mom, Momism, etc. (another dirty name, if you will) and second, we all know its an elite, white, male power group that rules and oppresses all of us ---so c'mon fellows, be really hip and together and change the term (radical women did at least 3 years ago) to "PA BELL" --- cause you know there's not one women with any kind of power at AT&T! Keep on keepin on...

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I am writing this letter in an effort to obtain your assistance in putting a stop to this neo-Nati brainwashing S. T. A. R. T. Program here at the U. S. Medical Center, Springfield, Mo. S. T. A. R. T. (Special Treatment and Rehabilitation Training) has -been in operation since Sept. 1972. 1 have been here since Feb., 1973 and I can honestly state that this "program!' is only punishment under
the guise of treatment; I have personally seen fellow prisoners drugged and brutally beaten for having the courage to stand up as men. If you care to know more about S. T. A. R. T. , please let me know. We need your help, in the following manner.

  1. Write to Norman A. Carlson, Dir., U. S. Bureau of Prisons; 101 Indiana Ave. N. W. , Wash., D. C. 20537 and ask him to either abolish S. T. A. R. T. or make it voluntary.

  2. Write to the U. S. Magistrate; U. S. District Court; Western District of Missouri; Springfield Mo. 65801 and ask him to rule on behalf of the prisoners who are challenging this "program" We sincerely thank you in advance. Peace and Power, -Inrnate, Missouri

Note: Call Norman Carlson at (202) 737-8200 ext. 2226 and talk to some surprisingly nice people about your concern.

In the Boulder, Colorado and Denver area dial free 1-200-555-1212 to hear the telephone computer relate your phone number. It could be useful for tapping lines.


The Carter Phone decision gave birth to the booming "interconnect" industry, allowing manufactures other than Western Electric to produce and :~hone equipment for connection to the phone system, and in place of otherwise high monthly rental rates for BELL equipment. Now, the phone kompany is striking back! - They're undercutting their rates for the equivalent independent equipment and raising the rates upon which they have a monopoly, namely monthly service. This rate - juggling is being rubber stamped by the public service commissions around the kountry. That means that you pay more for your own phone to make up for losses PA BELL sustains strangling free enterprize.. Donn Parker, computer scientist at the Stanford Research Institute has investigated one hundred computer-related crimes and "in almost every case there is some new aspect-something that hasn't occurred before. Computer criminals, he said, tend to be "very young, very bright and highly motivated" persons who see no wrong in attacking a large corporation. Their intelligence and motivation, coupled with security techniques far behind the rest of the industry, leave large corporations facing potentially staggering losses of info, computer programs and valuable equipment...

The University of Arizona Student Union took AT&T before the FCC, because of their refusal to lease a toll free WATS line to them. WATS is designed, AT&T said for high-volume commerical customers who find it cheaper to buy phone service at a flat rate rather than by the unit call. (English Translation-Quantity discounts for the biggies only, and screw everyone else)...

Ringback for Madison step exchanges 255, 256 is 91911. 251 and 257 are ESS exchanges. Ringback is 978 plus 4 digits plus push switch-hook once and bang up ...

AT&T has no device to attach to residential phones to prevent unauthorized long distance phone calls. "We frown upon such devices." When asked about the model they offer to large businesses, a Bell service rep said, "Yes we do have that, but cannot install it on private lines. Ever felt like cutting down on the amount of long distance calls made from your phone? One guess why the phone Kompany has no such device for YOU

... A phreak in Wisconsin was recently busted when a central office repairman "overheard" multifrequency tones on the line. Just happened to be passing through

... Tel Aviv (AP) Two international telephone operators in Tel Aviv are looking for new jobs. Premier Golda Meir was on the overseas phone recently, talking with her ambassador to Washington, Yitzhak Rabin. The conversation turned to an article in an American newspaper. "Which newspaper was it in? " Rabin asked. "In the Washington Post," came the unsolicited answer from an operator, one of two who subsequently were fired for eavesdropping.
L. Patrick Gray, Director YIPL Dear Pat, By dialing (212) 797-8079, you can get a recording which will let you practice listening to Australian and lapanese telephone signals.

Dear YIPL,
A "Diez Centavos" piece (translation: Ten Centavos) from Mexico, can be used as quarters in ALL pay phones in the U. S. A Ten Centavo piece can be purcha sed at any bank in Mexico for 3/4 of a cent, . or can be purchased in the U. S. at most coin exchanges for about 5~- (many banks are coin exchanges-Ed.)
-B. B. CAL. -

For credit calls back to the U. S. -Say to the International operator-This is an international credit card call. My credit card number Is: 1- F (then repeat your number as usual). From Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbean, 1- F is not required.

This month we salute the Bureau of Indian Affairs, who confines the original inhabitants of this country to rotten holes called reservations, not allowing the people the right to determine their own futures, while their land is being raped by corporations. The BIA, whose number in Washington, D. C. Is 343 1100 032 ... and in Lo§ Angeles (area code 213) is 688 2860 is partly to blame for the deaths at Wounded Knee, and a continuing policy of Indian genocide.

There is one F. F. who has modified a card dialer to send out mf and it sounds fantastic. Can you find out the plans for this modification?
I would like to see a circuit for an automatic sending blue box that can be programmed and then at the press of a button will send mf at exactly the correct speed and for the proper duration with a programmed wait for overseas sender.

As we said in the February issue, Pa Bell is making the operators question credit-carders to make the phreaks hang up. So it's good to know the area code and company name, and of course the telephone number which is most always the first 7 digits of the credit card. And don't be surprised to learn that they ask for your name, which can of course be faked. They have. the facility for checking out-of-town credit cards only as far as the area code is for the proper RAO code (the Last 3 digits), and possibly the company- name or number. The only purpose of the interrogation is to discourage, and knowing that the whole thing is easier than ever

No more long distance calls!

This device will prevent outgoing long-distance calls on your telephone or phone line. It was devised by a reader who discovered that the local phone office in his area reverses the polarity of the low-voltage for one second after a long-distance, or operator, or 211 call is dialed. Installing a diode, which does not permit current to flow through it in one direction, prevents this one-second reverse current from flowing and thus the phone acts as if it was hung up for that second. Thus you get a new
dial tone. To see if it will work on vour line, try It. The diode, which should be at least 100 volts and 1 amp, will give you a dial tone if installed correctly, and will allow no sound at all if you put in backwards. In that case you should reverse the two wires. If you wire a switch across the diode, you can bypass it for special use. A magnetic reed switch in the phone can be used by placing a magnet near the switch for that critical one second period after dialing the long-distance call. Then the magnet can be removed.

Thin touch-tone keyboards with 12 buttons are made by Raytheon 12EF-20457 for $8.25. They can be obtained from Connector Concepts, Box 511, Port Washington, N.Y. 11056. Miniatuare capacitors, smaller than the Sprague 192P, are made by U.S. Capacitor. Most are available with NPO(zero capacitance change from -55 to +1400C.) Address:2151 N. Lincoln St., Burbank, Ca. 91504.

Many phreaks; have expressed the interest in contacting other YIPL readers in their area. However, we won't just give out names to anyone who asks. There may be a way, however, and that is for anyone who wants to meet other phreaks to write us, and we '11 pair you up with another phreak who has written us, then we '11 write the two of you and let you both know the other persons name and number or adress. If anyone has a better idea, let us know, and we'll -announce next month how we're doing it.


By Abbie Hoffman

Obviously one reason for publishing YIPL has to do with free speech. Free speech like in "why should anyone pay for talking" and free speech like in why shouldn't any one be allowed to print any kind of Information they want Including how to rip off the phone company. As revealed in issue no. 14, the phone company is trying to build a case against YIPL. It Is also moving on other grounds, namely to convince legislators to pass laws prohibiting the publishing of this info. Many states, notably California have already moved in this area. However, none of these laws has yet to be tested constitutionally. Neither YIPL nor Steal This Book nor any underground publication here has been prevented from publishing any info, namely because there are no New York laws making it illegal.

Last year through the determined efforts of Gerald Schutzer ((212)394-4141)extension 3924) Legislative Representative for NY T&T, Assemblyman Robert F. Kelly (D) Brooklyn tried to railroad just such a bill into law. It passed the State Assembly and the Senate with little debate by overwhelming votes, however, Gov. Rockefeller (who uses a blue box) vetoed the bill. His reasons were basically First Amendment. "It does not appear desirable that conversation which might -be directed at theft of services be raised to the level of a criminal act per sell. Persons in other states fighting similar statutes are advised to get the full text of the ruling. Write to: Executive Chamber, Albany, N. Y. Ask for Memorandum #170 filed with Assembly Bill #10564(6-472).

Recently my closest friend had an unusual experience on the phone. He was talking to the receptionist at a major insurance company when a freak connection occured. As clear as day they both found themselves listening to a conversation between two big narcotics dealers arranging for an exchange of a brown package containing raw heroin for $300, 000 in cash. The person with the heroin was to pull up to a midtown Manhattan newstand in a heavily populated area at 10 minutes before 8:00 P. M. He was to leave the package on the newstand. Simultaneously the other party was to leave the cash in a folded up newspaper on the same newstand. The car was clearly identified as was the place. To make it even heavier, one of the dudes discussed having to bump off two people the night before. It was 4:30 P. M. My friend had 3 hours to come up with a plan. What would you have done? The next 3 hours were jam-packed with excitement and he's currently working on a screenplay about the whole not-to, be-believed event. What happened will be in the next issue. Maybe.

YIPL is anti-corporate technology
YIPL is how to do it
YIPL is for you
YIPL is you
YIPL is you sending in articles
YIPL is you teaching others
YIPL is you yelling at us when we say dumb things
YIPL is us yelling at you when you don't say things
YIPL is in need of your support, and your friends AT&T and ITT want to crush
YIPL but they know that
YIPL is growing into the whole lot of together people that YIPL is.


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[HaBi 1]    YIPL No. 18 - May 1973
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