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...about the enclosed 1973 telephone credit card.

To make certain no unauthorized person is using your card, the telephone operators who handle credit card calls may ask you a question or two whenever you place such a call. They're the type of question that can be answered easily and quickly by a person having a credit card, but should discourage an unauthorized user from trying to complete the call.
We hope you'll understand that our operators will be doing this for your protection and ours.
As an added precaution we urge you to treat this card as you do your other credit cards:
- Notify your Business Office representative at once if it is lost of stolen.
- Do not give the card or number to anyone else to use.
Thank you for your cooperation.
-- New York Telephone

Since credit card owners are receiving these notices with their new credit cards we can expect to play some games with the operators this year. Don't sweat, the questions are only designed to scare you and make you hang up, thus giving it away. Though you might get a few questions like the name of the company, city or area code of the credit card number, you'll have no problem if you keep cool. The operator knows at most the name of the city and area, code, not the company's name. So have your number memorized, and if you need the code numbers for certain cities, get YIPL #8, and be sure to read our reprint on making credit card calls. Also write in and tell us what kind of questions operators are asking in your part of the country.

Dear YIPL While living at an Indian Reservation I learned an old Apache phone phreak technique. Simply take a penny and rub it down to the size of a dime. The pavement works well.

Dear Yipl Take some plaster of paris and drop a quarter into it. Let it harden, and then very gently take out the quarter. You should have a smooth and accurate mold. Now fill with water and put into the freezer compartment of your refrigerator. When the water freezes zou have a piece of ice you can use in all sorts of machines. Sometimes foil or other insulator is used to make it easy to pull out the ice.


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