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Reader supplied information

Dear YIPL,
a good source of overseas info is The International Telecommunications Union. Write for their list of Publications.
ITU, Place des Nations, 1211-Geneva 20, Switzerland. (15 c.) I recommend a)List of operator phrases, b)Instructions for international tele. service, c)List of telephone routes, and d)List of telephone cables.

Dear folks,
If you want a great catalog of telephone equiptment entitled ironically, "Control by tones" write to Bramco Controls Division, Ledex, Inc., College and South St., Piqua, Ohio, 45356 or phone 513 773-8271. Ask for catalog 303 and Bulletins 201 and 204. Tell them you saw it advertised in Telephony. It contains every possible tone the phone company uses and their EIA code. Keep up the good work R. A., Tucson, Arizona

Dear Phellow Phreax,
Two queries for you. First: Lets say I wanted to call a transit country. Do I need KP2. How do I go about using it? Second: How do I verify a line once the operator plugs me into a no-test trunk? OH
Oh yes! The "Public" service Commission (should be the Public Screwing Commission) has 0. KId a telco regulation that if you get two lines in your house, they must be the same type of service. They won't let you get an unlimited and a regular fone. Either one or the other. Must make more bux, you know.
One more thing; If you want to get equiptment, any kind that's used in a home, (touch-tone, trim-line, speaker-phone, card dialer, etc. ) get a friend, or yourself, who is moving in a few weeks to have a bunch of goodies installed. If it gets stolen after, you move, its not your fault. Ma Bell eats tricky dick, X.

One reader reports that he built a black box and 10,000 ohms was too low to disconnect in his a-rea. If anyone has doubt of their area, test your black box as in the instructions(issue 11). Simply pick up your phone, and when you get a dial tone, switch to "Free". If the dial tone stops, cool, otherwise use a higher resistor, like 12,000 ohms, or 15,000 ohms. Try not to go lower than 10,000 ohms.

For the "Keep up the good work department":
SF Bay Area- Identification number 64O, Sometimes plant personnel answer and ask caller to identify self, and then they connect you to computor who reads back your number. Sometimes only during daytime. Ident(Reno)-444, Lake Tahoe-211. SF Bay Area touchtone check is 960-then last 4 digits of your line. When you hear dial tone dial 1 through 0. If tones and levels correct, "beep-beep" will follow. Dial 2 and hang up, and will back.
If it is true that Bell is making a record of incoming calls to called numbers ringing for more than 5 minutes, this can be an invitation to really bug them by calling (locally) assorted places-stores at night, outdoor pay phones, etc. Let them ring endlessly and they'll make needless printouts or tie up equiptment doing so. Unable to confirm that they're doing this but at least they're experimenting with it.
Recent trick locally if they have you under suspiscion is to have a foreman accompany installer or repairman to your place. Joker is really a security agent and have, been known to leave radio bugs on premises, not on phone line. I know of one concealed behind head board in bedroom to get "pillowtalk". Never allow more than one installer on place, or if you have reason not to allow them to enter-someone sick, scarlet fever, etc.
Walnut creek Cal. service desk order recorder 415 937-2762. Codeafone recorder that answers to repairman to call in their time of day ending. These model 700 codeafones will keep recording as long as voice signal incoming. They can be bugged by playing music for max. 45 minutes to fill up tape which they have to wade thru to check for regular info.

Cheap way to get 2 lines in your home at lowest cost in Cal. Get a one party flatrate. Have it put on "vacation rate" which good to max. 7 months that can then be extended indefinitely. Possibility little argument with business office rep. that you're on vacation. Use line for outgoing call, at half price. Then order a one party "survival fone"which allows 30 mu. Have the one party flatrate unlisted. The 30 mu. listed and for incoming calls will cost $2.25/mo. The flatrate is $4.80; vacation rate $2.40. Thus you get two lines (one 2-way and one outgoing only) That's less than the flatrate two-way. Of course the 30 mu. can be used for outgoing, no extra charge up to 30. Only catch is the "survival" fone not supposed to be in same "living quarters" as other fones, but have it installed in extra bedroom that belongs to a boarder or to your "Aunt Minnie". Have them installed at different times.


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