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Reader supplied information

Dear group,
You might be interested to know that in San Francisco, you can find out the number of an open line by calling the operator on 222-2222 and telling her you are from frames on an ESS 392 number and what is the number please.
They are requiring all operators who raise from the ranks to another gig to view several interesting films including one where wittle itty bitty animated pencils talk to one another about "My operator didn't care for me, she chewed on me and I won't last too long", but the general gist of the films is that you can and will be fired for illegal possesion of ONE Ma Bell Pencil, and that the official communications secrecy act can get you shipped off to Siberia for telling anyone little things about the phone company or it's equiptment.
Real big brother indoctrination techniques.
Another interesting thing out on this coast was that after they spent an ungodly sum to a mathmetician to develope that "-new" credit card code the Barb had it printed in about 2 weeks. One phone VP storme around the SF office swearing and talking about getting even with that "hippie newspaper".
Good luck, and may you have a cheap but good attorney. S. F. San Fran.

I've heard of the curdler(YIPL, no. 12); apparently they're considering dropping the entire matter after it proved powerful enough to "destroy" all the cats and monkeys in an animal room at a large university.

There once was a guy from Mass
Who trusted not A. P., U. P. L, or Tass.
He took dollars two
And sent them to you
Because he wanted to subscribe to YIPL.
R. R. , Mass.

Dear YIPL,
I assume you already know that some telco's are using KP-2 which is 1300+1700. F'uck Ma Bell. E. H. , CA.
KP-2 is "transit keypulse" as opposed to KP-1 which is terminal, meaning point of destination. With KP-2 you can call France via England. This is primarily done on overseas calls where direct access is not provided.
In order to stack, or add, your calls up by a long chain, a certain procedure is used which requires the use of blank codes, which allow one to call a number(that is not a customer) in area A and then call again to area B, going through A in the process. If this is of any use(which we doubt) we will publish codes sent us.

Dear YIPL,
Could you tell me where I can get ahold of some information on how to use a blue box on pay phones. Every time I beep off an operator cuts in, so I've been limited to using my friends phone lines. And because I don't like the idea of making a habit of using a line very often I've just about run out of available lines.
B. P., Md.

In many areas, operators manually place 800 (Wats) calls, and think you are signalling them when you beep and their switchboard lamp winks. So when that happens try calling long distance information instead. Often the operator(local) stays on a second, so ask for a name, & when you hear local operator leave the line, beep off.


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