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Special Convention Issue!

YIPL No. 11 - June/July 1972

The World's First Phone Phreak Convention is being held on July 1115, in Miami Beach! The Celebration of Change will include, in addition, teach-ins on telephones, contests, meetings with nationally-known phone phreaks. Plus the unveiling of new devices never yet revealed. Courses are going to be held on Phone Politics,Phone rip-offs, establishment rip-offs, and peoples technology. If you want to help or teach a class, write us immediately and include your phone no. At the same time there will be other events too, such as antiwar demos, women's rights, health care, antismack information and actions, and many other happenings. Get in touch with YIP in Miami for these if you want to be involved. The Convention and the Celebration of Change will be an incredible learning scene and you should start telling everyone you know to be there. If you are a budding phone phreak, you'll learn how a phone works, and how to make it work for you. Or come down for the Dot parade to legalize Marijuana, but COME DOWN, AND BRING YOUR FRIENDS. Put signs in freak stores and post notices in schools - MIAMI BEACH JULY 11-15. There'll be food, sun and fun.


I am including the name of the Company that can provide those interested with all types of telephone devices as well as info. They also have two correspondence courses that I believe are the best (only) of their kind. One is a telephone engineering course-how to make your own clandestine devices. The second is a "spy" course. You & your readers will flip over their catalog. Cost is $1 deductible from any purchase - and well worth it.
Don Britton Enterprise, P.O. Drawer G, Waikiki, Hawaii 96815.

Readers have written for info on the Peoples Yellow Pages. We're making a list of the PYP's all over the country, so if you know one in your area, send us the address and whether or not they're doing more of the same.
New York PYP is at N.Y. Switchboard, 134 w. 4 St., NYC 10012.

For more on telephone groups working for changing the Bell System, the Source Catalog #1 has many groups listed, such as Womens groups, U.S. Govt. inspecting phones, Grass Roots, etc. Write to Source at Box 21066, Washington,D.C. 20009.

To those working on other circuits for public use, we urge you to send them in to us for publication when fully tested. Ile will be publishing other interesting ideas for projects from tim-c to time. Thanks to all those who write letters rind circuits. 'Even if they're not used, we test those we can and condense the information to pass it along to you readers.

We still need information slugs and machines and which ones do and don't work and how to make them work. Do some experimenting around and let us know.

YIPL does not publish these incredibly great and useful pieces of info in order to see them put to use. We publish simply so that people can sit back and stare at interesting electronic circuits,which have been known to -have a soothing effect upon baby rats and presumably humans, too.


Now you can receive calls at no charge to the caller,and anyone, even a child, can convert their phone to do this in less than 30 minutes. You only need two parts: A "single pole,single throw toggle switch" and a "10,000 ohm, 1/2 watt, 10% resistor". Hardware stores carry switches with two wires already on them, and these are convenient to use. The resistor can be bought for 20 cents at a radio-tv supply or electronic hobbyist store, such as Lafayette Radio. If you can't find a switch with wires already on it, get one with screw terminals so you can easily attach on wires.

Cut two pieces of wire at least 6 inches long. Strip off the insulation 1/2 inch from each end. Attach one wire to each of the two switch screws, and you now have a switch with two 6 inch wires connected.

Turn your normal dial phone upside down and unscrew the two screws, and remove the case. You will now see a small metal box with 16 screws on top and wires connected to them. Locate the screw marked 'IF" using our diagram and loosen it. Wrap one of the resistor wires around it and tighten the screw. Loosen the "RR" screw and remove the green wire. Then wrap the other resistor wire around the "RR" screw along with one of the switch wires. Tighten the "RR" screw and be sure the wires only touch the proper terminals and no others. Finally, wrap the remaining switch wire around the green wire you just removed and wrap the two up tightly in scotch or electrical tape.

Close up the phone, running the switch wires out the side or rear of the case. Hang up receiver and get a piece of tape and a pen. Pick up the phone and flip switch to the position that gives you a dial tone. Using tape, mark this position of the switch "Normal". Now flip the switch to the other position and the dial tone should stop. Mark this position of the switch "Free". If you don't get it to work right, check your wiring for a break or a wire touching a nearby screw inside the phone.

Leave the switch "Normal" for everyday use. When your friends call, quickly lift and drop receiver as fast as you can. This is very important that you do it quickly. This shoduld stop the rings. If not, do it again. Then switch to "Free", pick up the phone and talk. Keep all calls as short as you can, always less than 15 minutes. At end of call, hang up, then switch to "Normal". If the call is local, switch to "Normal" immediately or you may be cut off. Your friend can call right back, so the shorter the call the better it is.


When you call someone long distance, you are billed from the moment they answer. The phone company knows you answer when a certain amount of electric current flows through the phone. However, the resistor cuts down the amount of current below the point of billing, yet lets enough to operate the mouthpiece. Inside the phone, connected across the F and RR terminals is a capacitor, a device which allows more volume for your voice without using any more electric current. Answering the phone normally for a fraction of a second stops the rings, but does not let enough current flow to start the billing. If you answer normally for even one full second, however, billing will start. Therefore, hanging up and switching to free will cut you off.

To render the device ineffective, the phone company would have to spend billions of dollars and many years of changing the country's phone systems. Using this device is illegal in some places, and we strongly urge you to inspect all phones you see for the device. If you see it, rip it out and eat it immediately.

By the way, you cannot use an extension phone during a free call unless it too is modified and the switch is in "Free".

YIPL is $2 for a year's issues, if you can afford it. If you can, send stamps or bread to pay 4or those who can't,& turn someone on to YIPL today! This article is essentially the same as published in Ramparts, who has been suppressed by the Phone Company. Ramparts has taken apart the State Dept.,the Defense Dept. and the whole fucking government and no hassles but the article about the phone company and POW! Which is why YIPL exist to get the vital information to the people if there's no other way to ge it to them. You supply the information, and you get more back. Send us ideas, tell your friends to write to us, and get phone co. people to get in touch with us. See 'ya in Miami, phreaks!

Support Captain Crunch!

As some of you might know from a recent Rolling Stone article, the FBI and the phone co. has arrested the supposed Cap'n Crunch of Blue Box fame for allegedly making a few Box calls. We are now setting up the Cap'n Crunch Defense Fund, for the benefit of such obviously political telephone busts. The money will go for support of those harrased and busted for phone co. specials, and for legal and bail fees. Please contribute what you can, It might be you next. If you learn of people needing support of this kind, write to YIPL at,once with details. Make checks to Cap'n Crunch Defense Fund,c/o YIPL. This is needed to show our solidarity against facist Ma Bell, so do it today. We will try to have a statement by Cap'n in the next issue.

Nab Students While Builing Phone System

Two MIT students, whom police said were setting up their own telephone system, were arrested yesterday because of an open manhole.

Julian West, 18, of 518 Beacon st., Back Bay, an MIT dormitory, and Kevin P. Koch, 19. of Ames st., Cambridge. had their cases continued to May 3 by Roxbury District Court Judge Elwood McKenney.

Sgt. Matthew Loughlin and Patrolmen Albert Bozzi and Robert Vasselian found a manhole cover out of place in front of the Beacon st. Dorm.

They seized one of the youths outside the manhole and the other inside where they said a miniature switchboard had been set up.

The youths were charged with injuring lines of Boston Edison Co. A communications hookup with a dormitory across the street was in progress, police said.


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