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YIPL: Letters

Dear YIPL, Here's a suggestion for YIPL readers: One very good way to obtain extra phones is to get them out of empty apartments from non-phreak friends who have had their phones disconnected but not removed. Here in Gainesville Ma Bell doesn't remove phones from empty apartments until new tenants move in and order their own phones The servicemen simply take what's there, and if its not there it doesn't matter because Ma Bell doesn't keep good records in Gainesville and probably most other collegetowns where people are moving all the time. G.P.,Gainesville, Fla

Dear YIPL,
...... LOVERS LETTER is a monthly publication offering practical, realistic advice for men on the art of love, LOVERS LETTER tells where to find girls, how to approach them and how to make them like you. We also give frank advice on how to establish satisfying love/sex relationships. A subscription is $10/yr. LL publishing Co., Box 5834-H, Bethesda,Md. 20014.

YIPL readers- We checked this out and if its in your pipe it ain't too bad. If you want, free further details are available on how to sell subscriptions.

There is a credit card system used by the phone company called the Code Billing system. A sample number is 014-5742-019. The first number.must be 0 or 1,and the last three numbers must be between 001-499.Say to the operator "Code billing operator. My number is ... If they ask what company it is, make one up,.or hang up. Of course, call from a booth. This is under test now, so let us know what happens.

Y.I. P. L. :
Rip offs that what you are, I send you a check,you cashed it and never send me anything. I hate getting rip off by anyone, and I'm going to do all that I can to let the people know what you are. This is the fourth letter that I haved send you, you had haved more that enough time to fix everything. Well this the last letter that I will send you, and I hope you enjoy all your going to get. Rip off! R.N.,Bronx,N.Y.

I'm a high school student in N.J. And one day last week they herded us all into the auditorium were this very straight dude from N.J. Bell proceeded to give us a speech about all the wonderful things we have to thank them for (better living thru Ma Bell). The only reason I can see for this propoganda is that they realized how bad kids are fucking them and they have decided to nip this conspiracy in the bud. But the real reason I wrote this is that I went up to the stage and asked this robot to say a few words about a real scientific advancement, the blue box. He said that he didn't want to hear it and started to walk away so I started to tell people about it.

This got him very uptight and he came back and told everyone that the blue box would soon be obsolete because Ma Bell was planning to vary the tone frequencies from area to area and make it impossible to break out of the area. I don't really understand this but I thought I'd tell you to see if it is bullshit or not because those fuckers have me worried that the toy organ I'm building will soon be of limited usefulness.

Yours truly a hopelessly paranoid reader.

Our opinion of this statement by N.J.Bell is that to vary tone frequencies will cost an incredible amount., require that all employees be back at work to make the change would necessitate changing every single multifrequency sender in the country. In other words, it's possible, but to try to do it without raising rates and spending time, possibly years, is not. So build you organ and the fact that you will no longer contribute to their treasury will serve drolong the changeover.-Ed.

dear yipl; you should hat know t the check I'm sending cost nothing to write. No charges for printing checks, deposits, writing checks, monthly statements. Just watch the overdrafts and postdated checks they cost $3 each. Write for account information to UNB, 461 Forbes, Pittsburgh, Pa,. 15213 (that's The Union National Bank of Pittsburgh).

Your friend in New York.

Dear YIPL;
If any phreaks would like to visit Atlanta this way there is a pay phone on the strip near Roy Rogers drive Inn(876-9639 area code 404). Its busy a lot, but if you call a dope dealing freak will probably answer. A good phone is at the U of Ga. at Atlanta. 404 543-9224. Call a student and turn him on tb the credit card code! Skinny Bobby Harper, a very cool D.J. at WIIN would like to hear from phone phreaks. Call him and talk on the air 6 am. -9 am.Mon. thru Fri., 6am - .-10 am. Sat. 404 892-3777. Relate the credit card code to his listeners. I just had quite a good night of phreaking. After some of the best Mexican I ever had I called info in Houston. The operator was real nice. She answered my questions with "surely" and I told her that the operators in N.Y. said that too & it was just a catchy phrase that them yankees were into. She said it was in the operator's manual and I told her she sounded like a very nice girl and I was sorry that the establishment had made a robot out of her. Then she admitted to what's in the guts of every true american. She hates the phone co. Dig it!

I believe that if you have the right tension bar and pick you can open up the cash box on a pay phone. See what YIPL readers can find out about this. Does opening the lock trigger an alarm in the phone co? Drop a dime or a washer in one of the old coke machines(red and short) and press the handle down all the way and get your soda, then lift up half way and press down again and out comes another coke. The whole fucking machine can be emptied for a washer or a filed-down penny.

The Chief of Security of Southern Bell here is Gerald E. McDaniels and he seems to like to talk to phone freaks. So why don't some of you people call him and tell him you're calling from ..... with a phoney card and/or a box - office is 404-529-6063. He's in and out all day chasing phreaks so call him at home. Dial 404-963-1640. He's kind of hard to catch so we advise calling between 2 and 3 am. Ask him how he's going to him and tell him he's full of shit.

Dear Yip-Line!
I just tried to make a long distance call from a public telephone to order Mexican 10 centavo pieces-which work in pay phones as quarters. I was just about to dial the number and insert the few 10 centavo pieces I had left when I noticed that the dial had been ripped off. I have not commented on public issues in a long time but I believe~ that people who rip dials off pay phones are hurting their brothers and sisters more than the telephone company.
Alexander Graham Bell

Dear Y.I.P.L.,
If any of you out there still eat meat, here's a helpful hint on getting the best and/or the biggest piece for the cheapest price possible. Everyone knows we can't shoplift or steal-the price we pay is too large if you're caught. So just take the best piece of meat and the cheapest piece, carefully peel the price label off the cheaper one and stick it on the good one. Return the one you don't want, and smile sweetly at the cash lady as the stuff goes through. Fuck the establishment-I love you Y.l.P.L. K&B


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