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Bell Telephone, subsidiery of AT&T with 1970 assets of $49.6 Billion, the world's biggest pig corporation, is losing millions monthly on fake credit card calls. They are not taking it lightly. Their methods of attempted repression would make the FBI proud. Here's how they work it.

First, the phone company sometimes makes the operator that took a fake credit call attempt to trace the caller. They tell her/him that they will take the cost of the call out of their salary if she doesn't try to find out who made the call. The operator will call the number that you placed the call to, attempting to track you down. Obviously only make credit card calls to people you trust not to reveal your identity. When an,operator calls you inquiring about a credit card call, have a story ready. If she (or he) sounds friehdly, use a story like, "I only know their first name was George and he was calling from Boston, operator." If a nasty supervisor bitch calls, be nasty offensive. You don't have to give out any information. Usually they want to know whose name the number is listed under. Let them find out the hard way. Sometimes they ask if your mother is home. Sometimes they guess who called and bill them by examining the past accounts of the person called to see who has called previously from the same city as the credit card call was made from. Sometimes they bill the number called. Sometimes they put it on the bill as a third party charge or a collect call. REFUSE TO PAY. Keep track of the calls you actually do make and the credit card calls you receive (so you can refuse to pay them).

If the operator gets a lead to who made the credit card call, she turns the naine over to the telephone security division. They have special security pigs that can spend their full time tracking us down. They will stop at nothing. They stakeout phone booths; don't always use the same location to call from. In some states they are allowed to tap your phone if there is a case of "defrauding the phone co." And of course they tap phones in all states whether they are allowed to or not. Their easist victims are highschool and university people. They investigate with the cooperation of the school pigs. In high schools they work with the principal. They call the suspected person into the office and give her/him the third degree, promising not to prosecute if they will tell the pigs everyone else making credit card calls. Divide and conquer, it's called. At universities, the special telephone sccurity pigs work in conjunction with the campus cops. They may follow you around and attempt to question you. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TELL THEM ANYTBING. Refuse to talk without your lawyer present. Above all, do not sign anything. They try to get you to sign a confession just like in the movies. Don't be intimidated by these junior facists! Throw tomatoes at them; put sugar in their gas tanks. All power to the imagination!

The way we make credit card calls is as important as knowing the system. Operators take many real credit card calls daily and know what the average call sounds like. The average caller is Mr. or Mrs. Pig Businessperson. They come on fast and usually have the number memorized. It sounds suspicious if you sounds suspicious if you sound like you are reading it off, or if you say, "841 dash 7767 dash 167N." The bdginning numbers are a phone number and should be read as "841 7767" with the last part read as a single unit, 167N. A good opener is, "Operator, credit card call. My number is 893 4452 359J. The number I wish to call is 777-8787." Don't hesitate, memorize your credit card number, and have all the info handy.

Do not call from your home phone. When making a credit card call, you do not have to give the operator the number you are calling from. If she asks, change the last digit or two. Operators usually only know the prefix you are calling from. She may say hold on, and call the number you give to see if it's busy. So if you call from a pay phone, which you should, give her the number of your pay phone, it's cool.

The July 16 (issue 104) BERKELEY TRIBE has much more good info on telephone procedures in ripoffs.

BACK ISSUES cost 5G cents each. Think about it.

No. 1- Credit card code, installing conference lines and free extensions.
No. 2-The Blue Box Story, dialogue with Abbie Hoffman and Russel Baker on Phones.
No. 3-The Telecommand, and other shit.
No. 4-Special Pay phone issue.

Confucious say; "Those who receive YIPL should have small mouth when on telephone."

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