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YIPL: Remember the Bluebox?

We have received, in response to the blue box story, requests from many people for schematics. We have no such schematics, and would not publish them if we did, for that would be unlawful activity.

The following is a reader-supplied schematic for well-known phase shift oscillator. This transistor oscillator can be operated from a 9-volt battery, but its output is not sufficient to feed a speaker. Next month we will show a mixing and boosting circuit for amplification through a speaker. This circuit is useful in the 500-5000 cycle range and as such makes an easyto-build, low-cost, toy organ.


  • 1-How can I get around paying a $50 installation deposit?
  • 2-How can an extra line be installed?
  • 3-Is it easy to get electrocuted if you have a phone in the bathtub and it falls in?
  • 4-Credit card #'s of environment-destroy ing companies (oil, chemical).

    You can only get a free extra line if you know someone in your local exchange who can pull it off. If you're daring, extend your neighbor's wires from where they connect into his house. If you are living in a college dorm or apt., ask a friend if you can use his/her line, & run a 2-conductor wire to your conference switch (issue no. 1). If you don't have any friends where you live, and you need an extra outgoing line, the junction box is a good access point to other lines. Usually, the lines all connect from outside to the individual rooms in this box or mini-closet. The lines connect via 4-conductor cable, 2 conductors of which are used. The remaining two are cut off or wrapped around the cable in the box, and are present in the wall box in your room. Connect your spare pair to some straight's line, and in your room connect to a conference switch. When he goes to sleep at 11 on the dot, you're free to call out on his number. Don't leave the box connected up that way all the time or someone might spot it on a check.

    We doubt a phone can electrocute you in a bathtub, but since they're not allowed to install a movable phone in a bathroom, take a tip and mount your phone somehow.

    When some readers send us a few tested numbers, we'll print them. And if anyone knows how to get away without paying the deposit, write us.

    YIPL TIP - Go into a big pig hotel sometime if you need a phone. They have them in lobbies for calling within the building. If they're in a bad location, go up a few flights. They probably'll have them in the hall near the elevator. Bring a knife or scissors, and a shopping bag.

    Although there are some cool phone repairmen around, many are to be feared. If you have a repair or installation visit, don't leave dope, non-Bell phones, or subversive literature just lying around, or he may report you,to his supervisor for suspicion. That may result in a bust, through cooperation with the local precinct, or a tap on your line. This isn't paranoia, it's fucking good sense.


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