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Dear folks, I read your letter that was passed around on May Day. Please start sending me more, I'm very interested in fucking the fucking phone company. I'm mad.Well anyway, I've enclosed a cheque of 3 dollars; please find and send those little sheets as soon as possible. Thank you kindly. up the revo, K.O.,River- dale, Md.

Enclosed is $1. Could you tell me the signs of a wire tap(hollowness & clicks?).Also,do you have the plans for a device that allows you to make long distance calls free? R.F.,Nor- folk, Va.

My friend, there is no sure way of detecting a tap. I view the telephone as a hot line to the pork factory. As far as plans, one guy did supply them until he got busted. Using info in this issue, consult a friend on power supplies(regulated) and oscillators.

While I was in D.C. for Mayday, I picked up some info on how to fuck the Bell sys- tem. I'm really interested in this because I know how true this all is because I work in the computer room of the phone company. I'm sending $1 so that I can receive your newsletters. And if there is anything I can do for Y.I.P. just let me know. And if there's any way of fucking up the govt. in any other way, let me know. J.N., Pa.

Richard M. Nixon-El Presidente
202 456-1444

Spiro T. Agnew-El Toro
202 265-2000 Ext. 6400

John N. Mitchell-El Butcher
202 965-2900

Melvin R. Laird- El Defendo
301 652-4449

Henry A. Kissineer-El Exigente
202 337-0042

William P. Rogers-El Crapper
301 654-7125

General Earl G. Wheeler-El Joint Bosso
703 527-6119

Call collect, from a pay phone, people.


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