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'Blue Box' Is Linked to Phone Call Fraud

By Al Bell

After interviewing engineering students around the country. I found that the blue box makes tones that are similar to, but not exactly like a pushbutton phone. Since operators use the same device for putting operator-assistance calls through, the tones were published in the Bell System Technical Journal, 1960. Large libraries and engineering schools have the Journal. Like a pushbutton phone, two frequencies make up each tone. One of the "boxers" who was not caught said, "Those people who were caught probably called information, 'bleeped' out the operator, and redirected the call with the box, by pressing the buttons of the desired number. I haven't been caught because I call from a pay phone, and I never stay on more than 15 minutes. Most importantly, I never use information. I use the Sheraton Hotels Watts Line number, 800-325-3535. Right before they answer, I bleep them out."

But the blue box, isn't necesrary. A cassette tape machine will work fine. Two signal generators are needed to record the pair of tones for each digit. start, and stop. Record each digit, you will have a Master tape from which to make actual phone sequences on other machines. One signal generator will work if you make the master on a stereo tape, and play the two channels back together as you record them on the other tape.

For this to work, several rules must be followed:

  • Record direct, without microphones, as in Fig. 1.

  • Record as loud as possible without distortion. Watch your record meter when making tapes.

  • Only use fresh batteries. and don't wear them out.

  • A better speaker for playing the tones into phones is a standard telephone earpiece. Where you steal one is your problem, (its so easy) but plug it into the ext. speaker jack as in Fig.

  • Each tone lasts one second, with one second between each tone.
    However, wait 3 seconds after "bleeping" disconnect tone. Then play KP, area code, number, and ST, in that order.

  • Hold your little makeshift speaker close to mouthpiece without moving while playing tones.

  • Your electronics friends and young engineers can help you get a signal generator or two to use, and they'll help you record the tones properly.

  • The two frequencies of each tone must last the entire one second, and they must start and stop simultaneously.

CAUTION: YIPL does not advocate making free calls. However, YIPL doesn't believe in paying for calls, either. If caught, you MAY he charged with fraud and theft of services. So consider carefully whether you need to call long distance, and if you do, consider whether or not you believe in free speech.


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[HaBi 1]    'Blue Box' Is Linked to Phone Call Fraud
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