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Dear phreeks,
I'm a phreeks in need of information, so I can balance the score between the Bell Company & the people. I enclose a dollar. Your brother in the movement H.M., Jonestown, N.D.

My dearest sirs:
Nothing pleasures me more than ripping off Mother Bell. Please send newsletter. Enclosed is $1 U.S. Also - a question...A few friends of mine make long distance calls free from pay phone booths by holding the mouth piece of the phone they're using up to the phone next to it so the operator hears the change jingle and makes the connection. I've tried it here in D.C. and the operator says the cash hasn't registered (which of course it hasn't).
Please tell why. Thanks a lot. B.S., DuBois, Pa.

In our nation's Capital there are the shiny new pay phones that work electronically, instead of the ding (5c), ding-ding (10c) or dong (25c).New ones have only one slot for deposit, and on old ones your trick works, but hold the handset close to that phone!

Send ne the shit and don't rip me off (please) S.M., Winchester,Pa.

Dear Y.I.P.L.,
I thought you might be interested in a movement started here in Lancaster. The movenent is to have people who wish to see our troops out of Vietnam this year call their local phone com- pany manager and have their phone removed. The Manager must be told why if it is to have any effect. Hopefully enough people will feel strongly & give up phone service to begin showing up on the profits of the phone company.
This would push the phone lobbies to speak out (Bell especially) to end our continued involvement there. If you can assist in any way by encouraging this to take place in other areas it would be appreciated. Thanks!
J.G., Lancaster, Pa.

Hi People,
Here's my bill, send me shit on fucking the Bell System. Man do I need info on this kinda shit thanks D.B., State College, Pa.


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