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US Expands African Drone Aprons

Satellite imagery shows that the U.S. has expanded drone aprons at African airfields in Djibouti and Niger. New clamshell shelters and clearing activity suggest that the US is increasing its surveillance capability of nearby hotspots. At Djibouti’s Chabelley airfield, space … Continue reading

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Islamic State Alone Won’t Bring Iran, Saudi Arabia Together

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria might have given Iran and Saudi Arabia a common enemy but that alone is unlikely to put a stop to their cold war. Just after the foreign ministers of both countries met in … Continue reading

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Jihad at sea – Is Yemen Al Qaeda’s new frontier?

Yemen’s state weakness due to fragmentation and ongoing conflicts allowed Al Qaeda and affiliates to take and hold territory, possibly enabling them to seize the Port of Aden. If Al Qaeda establishes safe havens in the southern Abyan province, supported … Continue reading

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Internationale Jagdsaison: gezielte Tötungen und das Völkerrecht (2/2)

Im ersten Teil wurde die Frage aufgeworfen, ob die Terrorismusbekämpfung primär eine militärische oder polizeiliche Aufgabe darstellt. Von den Staaten, die gezielte Tötungen anwenden, wurde Israel als erstes Fallbeispiel betrachtet. Im zweiten Teil wird das Fallbeispiel USA behandelt, wobei der … Continue reading

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Expert: No Drone Backlash in Yemen

by DAVID AXE Lethal strikes by armed drones are America’s best and less obtrusive method of killing Islamic militants and dismantling their terror networks while minimizing civilian casualties. Or they’re a misguided and counter-productive attempt at sterilizing the dirty work … Continue reading

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