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The Spoil(ers) of War

by Sascha Bruchmann. Sascha Bruchmann studied International Law and International Politics in Germany and the US. He worked as an analyst, covering the MENA region. On May 12, 2020, a group of gunmen stormed a hospital and maternity ward in Western Kabul, … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Pandemie: Auswirkungen auf den globalen Terrorismus und den gewalttätigen Extremismus

Trotz der Bekämpfung der Coronavirus Pandemie bleiben die Bedrohungen des globalen Terrorismus und gewalttätigen Extremismus bestehen. Zwischen der Pandemie, dem Terrorismus und dem Extremismus gibt es gemeinsame Schnittflächen. So schürt die Pandemie in der Gesellschaften Angst und Unsicherheit, welche terroristische … Continue reading

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The Triple Shocks of 1979 and the Making of the Middle East

by Lt. Col. Chad M. Pillai. He is a U.S. Army strategist who has served in assignments in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Lt. Col. Pillai is a published author in a variety of journals and online forums to … Continue reading

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Still an Open Question: What Can Twitter Do About Militancy?

by Austin Michael Bodetti. He researches the intersection of Islam, culture, and politics in Africa and Asia. While terrorist groups in the Middle East have long taken advantage of social networking services from Facebook to Snapchat, Twitter remains unique in … Continue reading

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New Zealand’s terrorist attack and the scars of the Global War on Terror

by Sandra Ivanov. She is from New Zealand with a postgraduate education in Peace and Conflict Studies. She was formerly a policy advisor in the New Zealand public service and now primarily works in the development sector. You can connect … Continue reading

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A Brief Reflection on Nairobi’s Riverside Attack

by Paul Pryce. With degrees in political science from both sides of the pond, Paul Pryce has previously worked as Senior Research Fellow for the Atlantic Council of Canada’s Canadian Armed Forces program, as a Research Fellow for the OSCE … Continue reading

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Drones are an evolving threat: The ‘poor man’s’ precision guided munition

by Asiri Fernando. He is currently reading for a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Politics, Security and Counter Terrorism Studies at Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia. He has completed an internship at the Institute of National Security Studies … Continue reading

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54. Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz – Dschihadismus nach dem Fall des Kalifats des Islamischen Staates (IS)

In Syrien befindet sich der IS in den letzten Zügen. Die syrische Stadt Raqqa, de facto die Hauptstadt des vom IS im Juni 2014 ausgerufenen Kalifats, wurde im Oktober 2017 von den Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) mit Unterstützung U.S.-amerikanischer Kräfte … Continue reading

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Mass surveillance and security on the Internet

Dieser Artikel ist auch in Deutsch verfügbar. Not five years ago, as Edward Snowden unveiled thousands of classified and secret documents, the world became shockingly aware of a covert, suspicion-independent and global mass-surveillance of the Internet and telecommunication networks, which … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Taliban’s flourishing narco-state

by Austin Michael Bodetti. He is an analyst and journalist specializing in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Wars on Drugs and on Terror intersect in Afghanistan. The Taliban, which cooperates with al-Qaeda and includes US-labeled terrorist organizations such as the Haqqani … Continue reading

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