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The Korean Quandary: Defence Reform

by Paul Pryce. Paul Pryce is a Junior Research Fellow at the Atlantic Council of Canada. With degrees in political science from universities on both sides of the pond, he has previously worked in conflict resolution as a Research Fellow … Continue reading

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North Korea Opens Russian Financed Wharf

Satellite imagery acquired by DigitalGlobe shows the recently renovated wharf at North Korea’s Rajin Port located on the east coast. In an inaugural ceremony on 18JUL14, North Korea opened Wharf No. 03 for operation, according to a report in the … Continue reading

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Rational Actors Don’t Always Make the Decisions We Would

When countries act in ways Westerners find confusing, it’s easy to regard their behavior as irrational. Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear capacity and Russia’s recent invasion and annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea are cases in point. Both have incurred high costs … Continue reading

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Iran’s Mass Production of Ghadir Coastal Submarines

By Chris B. Iran’s mass production of the Ghadir class submarine continues to support Iran’s focus on indigenous development of defense equipment as well as bolster Iran’s asymmetric naval strategy. Let’s face it, Iran’s naval vessels are no match for their … Continue reading

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Das militärische Kräfteverhältnis auf der koreanischen Halbinsel

Ein Gastbeitrag von Lukas Hegi. Er ist Mitglied des Vorstandes der Vereinigung Schweizerischer Nachrichtenoffiziere (VSN). Dieser Artikel wurde im Bulletin 2 (2013) der Vereinigung Schweizerischer Nachrichtenoffiziere veröffentlicht. In der ersten Jahreshälfte war die internationale Politik von der Nordkorea-Krise geprägt. Damit … Continue reading

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What If China Takes Its “Responsibility” in North Korea?

The United States have long urged the Chinese to take their “responsibility” and rein in their client state, North Korea. But would America really be better off if they did? A recent strategic simulation run by the crowd-sourced online consultancy … Continue reading

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RUSI – North Korea: On the Brink of War?

Important basic firsthand knowledge about the current tensions with North Korea by Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) Research Fellow Andrea Berger. She argues North Korea’s recently belligerent statements against the United States will not necessarily lead to war. More information … Continue reading

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Wikileaks – Cablegate

ATTENTION READERS FROM THE USA: in this article, some links refer directly to diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks. Reading the article below have no consequences to you, but clicking a link and reading the diplomatic cable itself could maybe endanger … Continue reading

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Nordkorea – Update 01

Vor rund drei Jahren haben wir uns mit den Aufrüstungsbestrebungen Nordkoreas beschäftigt (“Ist da Propaganda am Werk?” vom 20.06.2006; ….). Es geht dabei hauptsächlich um zwei Entwicklungen: die Herstellung von Atomsprengköpfen und leistungsfähigen Trägersystemen (Taepodong-2). In diesem Update wollen wir … Continue reading

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Syrischer Nuklearreaktor “al-Kibar”

Anfangs September 2007 zerstörten israelische Kampfflugzeuge ein Gebäude in Syrien (Operation Orchard), östlich des Euphrates in einer Region, die vom US-Nachrichtendienst al-Kibar genannt wird. Israelische, US-amerikanische aber auch syrische Offizielle hüllten sich über das zerstörte Ziel und die Absichten der … Continue reading

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