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Niger: Agadez Airport Imagery Update

New satellite imagery available in Google Earth shows progress being made refurbishing the airfield at Aérienne 201, otherwise known as Mano Dayak International Airport. Space snapshots acquired in May by Astrium show milling efforts complete as well as the runway and … Continue reading

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Repaving Begins at Niger’s Agadez Airport

It would appear drone operations may soon make their way to Agadez just as unmanned operations at Ethiopia’s Arba Minch have ended. In preparation, the runway at Aérienne 201, otherwise known as Mano Dayak International Airport, is currently being repaved. … Continue reading

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American Commandos Use Niger for Training and More

by Joseph Trevithick, a freelance journalist and researcher. He is also a regular contributing writer at War is Boring and a Fellow at GlobalSecurity.org. The Pentagon is looking to open up a new gas station for its planes in southern … Continue reading

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US Expands African Drone Aprons

Satellite imagery shows that the U.S. has expanded drone aprons at African airfields in Djibouti and Niger. New clamshell shelters and clearing activity suggest that the US is increasing its surveillance capability of nearby hotspots. At Djibouti’s Chabelley airfield, space … Continue reading

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Our Men in Africa: The Future of American Operations?

In the early hours of October 5, two squads of U.S. Special Forces slinked ashore in the small fishing town of Barawe, 250 km south of Mogadishu on the Somali coast. As the teams treaded quietly towards an unassuming two … Continue reading

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Afrika, die neue Front im Drohnenkrieg

von Peter Dörrie. Peter Dörrie ist Gründer und Chefredaktor bei AfrikaEcho. If you don’t understand German, then check out “Africa’s Coming Drone Wars” about the same topic, also written by Peter Dörrie, published on “War is Boring”. Die Regierung Nigers … Continue reading

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