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Market review: Ground-based air defense

This is the updated version from the German article, published at the end of October 2017. The Swiss army’s ground-based air defenses (GBAD; in Switzerland called BODLUV) is rather outdated. The effective altitude is with about 3,000 to 4,000 m … Continue reading

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How big of a threat are drones to Israel’s security?

In mid-July, an unmanned Russian drone accidentally infiltrated Israeli-controlled airspace on the Golan Heights from Syria and evaded three Israeli attempts to shoot it down. Initially believed to be deployed by the Shiite militia Hezbollah, this lone drone evaded two … Continue reading

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Das NATO-Gipfeltreffen in Warschau: Gipfel der Kompromisse

von Patrick Truffer (English version). Patrick Truffer absolviert momentan ein Masterstudiengang in Internationale Beziehungen an der Freien Universität Berlin Anfangs Juli trafen sich die Mitgliedsstaaten der NATO zum biannualen Gipfeltreffen – dieses Mal in Warschau. Aufwendig versuchte das Gastgeberland Polen … Continue reading

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Russia Jumped S-300 from Hvardiyske Airbase

Last year after the Crimean parliament declared its independence from Ukraine on 17 March, Russia moved two units of S-300PM (5P85Ts) to the Hvardiyske Air Base. Four days later, satellite imagery from 21 March confirmed the move. [1] Previously, Russia had … Continue reading

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THAAD Permanently Protecting U.S. Assets in Asia Pacific

With all the talk on the Asia Pacific centered on China’s island building activities in the South China Sea, we often forget about North Korea’s crackpot dictator. But don’t worry, the U.S. military hasn’t. Admiral Harry B. Harris, Jr., commander … Continue reading

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The Importance of Space in Maritime Security

In January 2015, CIMSEC announced a High School Scholarship Essay Contest. This article by Nolan McEleney was honorable mention. Nolan is currently a cadet officer in the Civil Air Patrol for the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Composite Squadron where he is currently … Continue reading

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In Nordkorea ist ein zweiter Reissack umgefallen

Nordkorea hat unterirdisch einen atomaren Sprengsatz ausgetestet – und jetzt? Ich bin immer noch überzeugt, dass die ganze Bedrohungsgeschichte viel zu heiss gekocht ist. Folgende Punkte führen mich zu dieser Überzeugung: Der Test war ein Misserfolg Gemäss Netzzeitung war der … Continue reading

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