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America’s failed efforts to establish an anti-IS Syrian fighting-force

Since the Islamic State (IS) rose to infamy in the summer of 2014 the United States has been trying to spearhead efforts to build a new Syrian fighting-force outside of Syria to combat these militants on the ground. 
This ultimately … Continue reading

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“Foreign fighters” in Syrien – starke Zunahme von “Dschihad Touristen” aus West-Europa in 2013

Ein Gastbeitrag von Lukas Hegi. Er ist Mitglied des Vorstandes der Vereinigung Schweizerischer Nachrichtenoffiziere (VSN). Eine ältere Version dieses Artikels wurde im Bulletin 1 (2014) der Vereinigung Schweizerischer Nachrichtenoffiziere veröffentlicht. Für die Online-Publikation wurde er dem aktuellen Kenntnisstand angepasst. Im … Continue reading

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Brainstorming the Fighter after Next

by DAVID AXE The general in charge of the U.S. Air Force’s Air Combat Command says he doesn’t know what the flying branch’s after-next jet fighter will look like. But he does know the Air Force will need a so-called … Continue reading

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Unmanned Option for Future Air Dominance

Dave Dietsch from the U.S. Air Force Association advocacy group is worried about the future. Specifically, he’s worried that the U.S. military will lose its traditional air-defense prowess, rendering vulnerable thousands of American drones, attack planes, spy planes, transports and helicopters. “Without enough modern fighters to control the skies over future battlefields, American soldiers and Marines will lose the vital information and support these systems provide,” he wrote in a newspaper editorial. “Losing the air power edge — ever — would be inconceivably costly in the lives of American ground troops.” Continue reading

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