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Why Thailand’s Military Government Needs to Prepare for Climate Change

by Austin Michael Bodetti. He researches the intersection of Islam, culture, and politics in Africa and Asia. He visited Thailand in July 2015. In just four and a half years in power, Thailand’s military government has found itself facing a … Continue reading

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What If China Takes Its “Responsibility” in North Korea?

The United States have long urged the Chinese to take their “responsibility” and rein in their client state, North Korea. But would America really be better off if they did? A recent strategic simulation run by the crowd-sourced online consultancy … Continue reading

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Chaos in Wake of Mali Coup

by DAVID AXE Mali, once a strong ally of the U.S. in the fight against Islamic terrorists, is in chaos. The Economic Community of West African States has imposed sanctions on Mali following a military coup last month that toppled … Continue reading

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