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I Got Caught in the Feds’ Terror Finance Net

by DAVID AXE I went to Congo to write a comic book about a terror group — and ended up being labelled a terror supporter myself by the Treasury Department. The bizarre tale of my graphic novel Army of God, … Continue reading

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Book recommendation: War is Boring

“War is Boring” is a new graphic novel by David Axe and Matt Bors. David Axe has been writing articles for offiziere.ch for about two years. He is a freelance war correspondent based in South Carolina, who reported in the … Continue reading

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Comic Books Invade Afghanistan

In World War II, we had Bill Mauldin, a U.S. Army sergeant who depicted the travails of frontline troops in a comic strip for the military’s Stars and Stripes newspaper. In the 1990s, writer-artist Joe Sacco continued Mauldin’s tradition with a series of graphic novels about the wars in Palestine and the Balkans. In 2005 and 2006, Sacco turned his attention to the Iraq war. Continue reading

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