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Waging War with Tourist Maps: Lessons in (mis)planning from the invasion of Grenada (1/2)

by Sébastien Roblin. He holds a Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution from Georgetown University and served as a university instructor for the Peace Corps in China. He has also worked in education, editing, and refugee resettlement in France and the … Continue reading

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How Israel fears its qualitative military edge will be undercut

Throughout its almost seven-decade existence, the leaders of the State of Israel have long worried that their far larger Arab neighbours would one day brandish more advanced weapon systems against them, effectively combine those weapons with their superior numbers and … Continue reading

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The use of Barrel Bombs

by Austin Michael Bodetti. He is a student in the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program at Boston College and a reporter for War Is Boring. He focuses on the relationship between Islam and conflict in Syria and Sudan. The barrel bomb … Continue reading

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Türkei – der halbe Verbündete gegen den IS

Der Anschlag im Amara-Kulturzentrum im mehrheitlich von Kurden bewohnten Suruç am Montag 20. Juli 2015 kann womöglich als Wendepunkt in der türkischen Haltung gegenüber der Terrororganisation “Islamischer Staat” (IS), aber auch gegenüber der PKK und der PYD/YPG aufgefasst werden (sowohl … Continue reading

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Sea Control 49 – General Robert Scales (Ret.) on Firepower

Matthew Hipple produced another very interesting episode of Sea Control. He discusses the topic “firepower” with retired U.S. Army major-general and former commandant of the U.S. Army War College Robert H. “Bob” Scales Jr. After his retirement, he worked as … Continue reading

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Jihad at sea – Is Yemen Al Qaeda’s new frontier?

Yemen’s state weakness due to fragmentation and ongoing conflicts allowed Al Qaeda and affiliates to take and hold territory, possibly enabling them to seize the Port of Aden. If Al Qaeda establishes safe havens in the southern Abyan province, supported … Continue reading

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An Islamic Janus Face – Hezbollah as a power-political factor in the Middle East

by Patrick Truffer Hezbollah’s foundation and pan-Islamic strategy August Richard Norton cited in his book “Hezbollah a Short History” Ehud Barak, the former Prime Minister of Israel:”When we entered Lebanon […] there was no Hezbollah. We were accepted with perfumed … Continue reading

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Facts and Figures: Moscow Metro Bombings

The website Public Intelligence published a brief analysis from the US Department of Homeland Security about the Moscow Metro Bombings containing some interesting facts and figures: According to Russian government and open source reporting, two female suicide bombers attacked two … Continue reading

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Der machtpolitische Faktor der Hisbollah

Ein Gastbeitrag von Patrick Truffer (this article is also available in English).   Entstehung und panislamische Strategie der Hisbollah August Richard Norton zitiert in seinem Buch “Hezbollah a Short History” den früheren israelischen Ministerpräsidenten Ehud Barak: “When we entered Lebanon … Continue reading

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