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From Afghanistan to Yemen: How the US is trying to destroy ISIS

Following the overthrow of the regime of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi by a group of ragtag militants and rebels the term “lead from behind” entered the lexicon for a brief time. Here for a short moment, it seemed to … Continue reading

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Syria’s Top Revolutionaries Have Disappeared One by One

by Austin Michael Bodetti. He is a student in the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program at Boston College and a reporter for War Is Boring. He focuses on the relationship between Islam and conflict in Syria and Sudan. The Islamic Front, … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Bargain: Wahhabism, Foreigners, & Power

by Lt. Col. Chad M. Pillai. He is a U.S. Army strategist who has served in assignments in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Lt. Col. Pillai is a published author in a variety of journals and online forums to … Continue reading

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US Marines Go to Italy as Libya Edges Toward a New Civil War

by Joseph Trevithick, a freelance journalist and researcher. He is also a regular contributing writer at War is Boring and a Fellow at GlobalSecurity.org. This article was published on his website “America’s Codebook: Africa” at first. Libya appears to be … Continue reading

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Jihad at sea – Is Yemen Al Qaeda’s new frontier?

Yemen’s state weakness due to fragmentation and ongoing conflicts allowed Al Qaeda and affiliates to take and hold territory, possibly enabling them to seize the Port of Aden. If Al Qaeda establishes safe havens in the southern Abyan province, supported … Continue reading

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Our Men in Africa: The Future of American Operations?

In the early hours of October 5, two squads of U.S. Special Forces slinked ashore in the small fishing town of Barawe, 250 km south of Mogadishu on the Somali coast. As the teams treaded quietly towards an unassuming two … Continue reading

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Afrika, die neue Front im Drohnenkrieg

von Peter Dörrie. Peter Dörrie ist Gründer und Chefredaktor bei AfrikaEcho. If you don’t understand German, then check out “Africa’s Coming Drone Wars” about the same topic, also written by Peter Dörrie, published on “War is Boring”. Die Regierung Nigers … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Influence of the U.S. Drone War in Pakistan on the “War on Terror”

by Ralf Büsser. Ralf grew up in Appenzell, Switzerland. He studies International Relations at the University of St. Gallen with Focus on Security Policy. While Ralf was in Washington DC for six months, he could gain further insights into the … Continue reading

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Secret Somalia Mission Reveals Warship’s Role

by DAVID AXE A nearly disastrous daylight raid by U.S. Special Forces in Somalia four years ago ended with a surprising intervention by a U.S. Navy warship — and illustrates the largely unheralded role the Navy’s vessels are playing in … Continue reading

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