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I am pleased that you have found your way to is a private blog dedicated to the news of the day related to security policy, the army, media, and information technology. This blog is neither officially nor unofficially affiliated with the Swiss army or any organization within the Swiss army. The information in the articles comes from sources available to the public – no insider information is published here. The commentary represents the subjective opinion of the blogger and may, from time to time, be a bit tongue-in-cheek. Guest articles (usually identified as such) and visitors’ comments do not necessarily reflect the administrator’s view.

Audience receives over 4,500 visits each week, corresponding to over 18,000 visits a month. About one-third of the visitors are accessing the site from Switzerland, another third from Germany and the last third from the rest of the world (as of July 2014). maintains active contact with people and organizations interested in security policy and has had a cooperative relationship with “Sicherheitspolitik” on Facebook since the beginning of April 2012.

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Q: What does an underlined link mean before I move the mouse over it (for example here: link)?
A: Underlined links are no longer active. This designation helps me to either update or remove invalid links.

Q: Which mountain is that on the cover picture?
A: It is the Matterhorn in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. Günter Borgemeister, Swiss Landmarks, provided the cover picture — thanks a lot! For additional impressions watch the beautiful video below, made by Christian Mülhauser.

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