Diplomatic Guidelines for Assange

Julian Assange may be hunkering down in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy for a while. The British government seems intent on grabbing him the moment he makes his way to the airport, though they may opt for the much quicker route of breaking down the door. How you feel about this diplomatic spat–and the initial sexual assault chargers against Assange–may have something to do with how you view the value of his work with Wikileaks. As I point out in this earlier comic on Assange, he tends to elicit strong opinions.

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  1. Check out another nice cartoon from Matt Bors about Assange: Every one hates Julian Assange!

    By the way, of course you can buy the colored print of Matt’s cartoons, but you can buy Matt’s original drawings too. This picture of an original of the last cartoon Matt made for offiziere.ch (it’s already sold out), gives you an impression (for more information click on the photo):


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