Gulf of Mexico oil spill déjà-vu

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  1. Jhon says:

    There was no long term consequences of the oil spill of 1979, that’s because we don’t hear anything of that. And afterwards, as soon as there are no long term consequences of the oil spill in 2010 that can be observed, the American government will publish that as their merit… this is called manipulation…

    btw: did you ever see the documentary series “US Border Watch”? I just saw it tonight, and I, as a European citizen, was shocked. First of the manner how they control, and what they control, and then about how it was made: only the best site, border patrols as life savers and so on. Soviet propaganda wasn’t better.

  2. Hovakimian Felix says:

    Dear Sir’s Madams
    they couldn’t stop the way that you have Designed.
    First of all velocity because of gas to high and second have highly erosion.
    see your cemtation ! approximatly ~100 BBl/min
    hydrostatik flow discharge rate.
    with two walls vessel separatly constructed inside Directly to the oil leakage and outside wall costracted heavy cemtation for coating
    the middel with 3″ pipe outside coated to decrease bloakage because of exteam minus tempeature top to the unloading position U pipe to decrease pressure and loaded ships parallel with contol valves.

  3. mt says:

    if you spent enough of bp s money, and built a big enough cap, of concrete
    and lowered it over the leak, it would work. if there was will on the part of the US govt to force the issue, a way would be found to just cap the damn thing from above. or am i dreaming of some star trek solution not available in the early 21st century? a huge dome, lowered by cable with monstrous winches on a dozens of large craft from the surface , encircling the right spot, controlled by GPS.

  4. The dutch inventor and engineer Johann van den Noort has a similar idea in mind: How to stop the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico within a few days. Found on infamy.

  5. Einfach zur Vollständigkeit:

    Mehr dazu auf War Is Boring.

    P.S.: Wenn das stimmt, können wir uns auf obiges schon mal vorbereiten ;-).

  6. audrey says:

    Machen wir unsere Erde noch mehr kaputt! haben doch nichts anderes zu tun!

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