HQ-9 Spotted at Ngari Gunsa Airport

Maxar imagery acquired in Novermber 2019.

China has deployed an HQ-9 surface-to-air missile system to Ngari Gunsa, a civil-military airport in the Tibet Autonomous Region. The battery, which operates in the medium-to-long range role, has been deployed at the location since May 2019, commercial imagery shows. While this is the first year that a SAM system has been observed at the airport, an increased military presence has likely been planned for some time.  

The HQ-9 is positioned near support structures and a concrete pad that were established in September 2017 immediately following the Doklam crisis. Imagery at the time also showed an adjacent area featuring a fence-secure and bermed weapons storage area being established 300 meters southeast. Imagery acquired in November 2019 now shows additional containment structures being erected around the concrete pad which appears consistent with fuel bladder deployments.

Ngari Gunsa is located near the Indian border and within 100-200 km of disputed territory to the north, south and west. The HQ-9 joins other batteries operating in the region at Hotan and Kashgar.

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