The future of rising aspirations

Today is the slowest day of innovation you will ever experience again in the rest of your live. — Rob Nail, CEO and Associate founder of the Singularity University.

Jim Yong Kim, the president of the World Bank, warns about the rising aspirations of the people all over the world. According to Rob Nail, by 2025 at the latest all 8 billion people on the planet will have access to broadband and smartphones. Only in Africa, the number of smartphones is going to triple, from around 200 million to 700 million from 2015 to 2020. Experience shows that at first the people are very happy about their new possibilities to link and interact with the rest of the world. However, over time, they are beginning to compare their standard of living with the one in highly developed countries. Even if that would motivate to change and improve the political, economic and social situation in their countries, most likely this will lead to frustration in the short-term – especially if people realize that they will probably never be able to reach the standard of living in highly developed countries. Such frustration about this obviously unfair situation will lead to a higher flow of economic refugees and certainly to more extremism and violence. Therefore, Kim thinks that it will be crucial for the future of rising aspirations to invest today in the educational system in the developing countries, so that today’s children are able to compete in the economy in the future.

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