Belarus Preps Angolan Aircraft to Depart

Commercial imagery acquired in August 2017.

Commercial imagery acquired in August 2017.

A review of satellite imagery shows some new developments at the 558th Aircraft Repair Plant in Baranovichi. Co-located at the 61st Fighter Airbase, the Belarusian-based Plant overhauled two former Indian Su-30K Flanker attack aircraft, imagery from August and September 2017 suggests.

According to domestic sources, the two aircraft will be upgraded to the “KN” standard before making their way to Angola and into the service of National Air Force of Angola (FANA). The camo pattern of the observed aircraft matches previous handhelds of FANA’s Su-27.

In total, the southern Africa country is expected to receive up to 12 Su-30KN fighters by early 2018, Aleksandr Vorobei, the CEO of the 558th Aviation Repair Plant, told Sputnik on 19 September 2017.

However, reports from July suggest Angola may acquire all 18 of the former Indian fighters. Luanda reportedly remains in negotiation with Russia’s Irkut Corporation, which still owns the aircraft parked at Baranovichi.

At present, imagery of the repair plant shows at least 7 remaining SU-30K parked near the drive-through maintenance hangar, suggesting that Angola’s work order is well underway and that the additional aircraft are in fact available.

While some sources (here and here) reported that Angola has taken delivery, imagery suggests that the first batch had yet to depart the repair plant by late September.

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