Cartoon of the month: Peacekeeper of the 21st Century


At the end of last week, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced an ambitious effort to identify and develop weapons systems to enable continued U.S. Military dominance in the 21st century. The new Defense Innovation Initiative — led by Deputy Defense Secretary Robert O. Work — would include an effort to develop and field new systems using technologies such as robotics, autonomous systems, miniaturization, big data and advanced manufacturing, including 3-D printing. That should produce systems that would offset its rivals’ advantages, as atomic weapons did in the 1950s and precision strike and stealth have done today (Source: David Alexander and Andrea Shalal, “Hagel announces push to boost U.S. military’s technological edge“, Reuters, 15.11.2014).

As we see it with the use of Drones, advanced technologies can keep soldiers out of harms way, but probably cost the lives of numerous civilians. So, new technologies may be useful in waging war, but are they also useful to create a secure and peaceful world?

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The cartoon was drawn by Gianlorenzo Ingrami, architect, and Cecilia Alessandrini, teacher. They teamed up in 2009 to make cartoons, which they publish in national magazines and newspapers in Italy. Their satire comes from anger at injustice in the world and they attempt to understand the world better throughout cartoons.

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Update on 26.11.2014
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