Cartoon of the month: Decisive Action

Jehad Awrtani

Barack’s Obama “no boots on the ground” policy and the attempt to combat against the terror organization called the Islamic State (IS) doesn’t work out, until yet. A poll in the US, conducted by CBS News end of October, shows ambivalent results. According to this survey, 57% think things are going badly in the US fight against IS, and even 61% of Americans don’t think Obama has a clear plan for dealing with the militant group. 71% of Americans support US airstrikes against IS. Even if only 19% thinks that airstrikes alone will remove the threat from IS, only 47% favors US ground troops, which they see as necessary.

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The cartoon was drawn by Jehad Awrtani (Facebook / Twitter), a professional cartoonist from Jordan, working for Alwatan daily newspaper in Saudi Arabia and Addustour daily newspaper in Jordan. For additional cartoons by Jehad Awrtani check out his page on Cartoon Movement.

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