Sea Control 31 – 3D Printing

Matthew Hipple discusses the military application of 3D Printing with James Lambeth from the Combat Direction Systems Activity (CDSA) Dam Neck. The CNO’s Rapid Innovation Cell, in partnership with CDSA Dam Neck is dedicated to bringing 3D printing to the Fleet (Ben Kohlmann and James Lambeth, “Providing Rapid Response Solutions for the Fleet through 3D Printing” USNI Blog, 23.04.2014). Lambeth explains the 3D technology, which is used by CDSA Dam Neck and what other industrial 3D technologies are commonly used. 3D Printing was first embraced by the US Army in Afghanistan, but the US Navy experiments with it too – for example with adapter plates for junction boxes. But that is just the beginning. Lambeth shows the short-term and long-term goals regarding 3D Printing in the US Navy.

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