V. Sicherheitspolitische Verlosung – Auflösung

The correct answers are:

  1. Pykrete, made of 14 percent sawdust and 86 percent water by weight.
  2. Projekt Habbakuk (there are different spellings).
  3. The idea is from Geoffrey Nathaniel Pyke, but Lord Louis Mountbatten, Chief of Combined Operations, suggested the project to Winston Churchill vor.

Further information
George Dvorsky, “Winston Churchill’s plan to fight Nazis with massive aircraft carriers made from ice“, io9, 19.02.2013.

A total of 55 responses were submitted. 50 responses (91%) thereof reached the draw. Of the 5 responses marked incorrect, one participant didn’t answer question, while three other participant responded with “ice” instead of “Pykrete”.

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