Sea Control 19 – Rouhani, Nukes, and Iran

Behnam Ben Taleblu is an Iran research analyst at Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the guest of the 19th edition of “Sea Control”. He speaks about the new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, Iranians historical role, its institutions and the strategic goals of the Islamic Republic. Taleblu thinks that Rouhani is a skillful negotiator, who – of course – keeps an eye on Iranian interests. This means that the negotiations with Iran about the nuclear program will be more challenging for the P5+1 (E3+3) than before. Internally, Rouhani will reorganise the priorities of the nuclear program, because under his predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a lot of funds was wasted. Ahmadinejad turned the Iranian nuclear program from an issue about the independence of energy supply to an atomic weapon question. Depending on how one counts today, less than 1% till a little bit under 2% of Iran’s energy consumption is covered by nuclear power (see also Patrick Truffer, “Dual Use? The Iranian Nuclear Program“, Small Wars Journal, 06.11.2012, only in German).

My congratulations to Matthew Hipple for this very interesting episode of “Sea Control” – a must for all, who wants more information about Iran.

More information
In 2012 Patrick Truffer did an extensive report about the Iranian nuclear program (English/German) and the Iranian ballistic missile program (only in German). Last December, Chris B. wrote another interesting article for “Iran’s Mass Production of Ghadir Coastal Submarines“.

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