Sea Control 17 – Interview with Rob Young Pelton and Matthew Hipple

In this Episode #17, James Bridger, maritime security consultant and piracy specialist at Delex Systems Inc interviews Robert Young Pelton. Pelton is a journalist and an adventurer, who is known for his interviews with military and political figures in war zones. With his guide “The World’s Most Dangerous Places“, Pelton provides practical and survival information for people, who work and travel in high risk zones. In November 2013, he (unsuccessfully) launched a crowd funded search for Joseph Kony to interview him (cf.: Elias Groll, “So Crazy It Just Might Work” Foreign Policy, 29.10.2013).

Pelton explains during the show, why Kony wasn’t found until today and how he thinks to find him. He talks about the Lord’s Resistance Army, about Uganda, where he survived an assassination attempt. Pelton highlights the importance of local information to understand characteristics like the Somali pirates. According to him, rumors about Somali pirates, who „defend“ the ocean against reckless fishers and chemical dumpers have been contradicted by local information.

In the second part of the show, Matthew Hipple, Director of NextWar Blog, spoke on “Federal News Radio” about his thoughts on what to watch in the upcoming year. They discuss Africa, China, drones, and informal military innovations/networks.

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