Stratfor: Russia’s East Asian Pivot

We published a number of articles about the US-American “Pivot to East Asia” and its implications. For example, Patrick Truffer, student of International Relations at the Freie Universität Berlin, explores in his article the relationship of the “Pivot to East Asia” strategy to the increasing power potential and how it affects US-China relations. Nick Ottens, a Wikistrat analyst goes a step further and warns that an “inconsistent” Asia Pivot could exacerbate Sino-American tension. Felix Seidler, a fellow at the Institute for Security Policy, University of Kiel, discuss the idea of a “Pacific Treaty Organization” (the article is in German).

But according to Stratfor, the US-president Barack Obama is not the only one, who pursues an increased presence in the East Asia region. Russian president Vladimir Putin seeks to expand Russia’s gas export to countries in East Asia and to build long-term strategic partnership with a variety of countries in the region.

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