IV. Sicherheitspolitische Verlosung – Auflösung

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Between Oktober 14 – 24, 2013 another security-political sweepstake is being held by Offiziere.ch & the Facebook-page “Sicherheitspolitik“, with additional support from “Seidlers Sicherheitspolitik“, “Aussen- und Sicherheitspolitik“, “Sicherheit vernetzt” and #carbine

Gut, dass niemand weiss, dass ich Rumpelstielchen heiss :-D

Aren’t we all fans of Lost? Well, maybe not… In any case, this security policy contest concerns an island, more precisely, the island shown above. It belongs to a country in the Southern Hemisphere, about 2,200 km from the mainland. As in Lost, there is a “mystery” associated with this island (and its neighbouring islands) that needs to be clarified. In the autumn of 1979, an unusual double flash was registered in this area. The cause might have been a nuclear test. However, this explanation still remains hotly disputed to this day.

Questions to answer
What is the name of the island pictured above?
What was the name of whatever detected this double flash?
Why are there doubts about the cause described above?

The winners were identified by a lottery procedure at random from the correct entries. These are the winners:

See page 4 for the answer to the security policy contest.

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