III. Sicherheitspolitische Verlosung – Auflösung

The correct answers are:

  1. Northern Kosovo – there are at least two such placards there, one in the region of Leposavić, the other in Zupče. We were very fair in the answers for the questions and marked “GATE 1”, “DOG 31”, “Northern Kosovo”, “Kosovo” and “Serbia” as correct for locations given in Northern Kosovo. However, we did not consider the answer “The Balkans” as accurate enough.
  2. 1240 stands for the UN Security Council Resolution 1244 (UNSCR 1244) of June 10, 1999 (aka the Kosovo resolution). It forms the basis for establishing the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) under international law, through which a civil government was established in Kosovo, as well as for introducing KFOR, the international peacekeeping force there. However, the issue of its status remains unclear in the resolution. The imprint on the placard “Respect the UN Security Council Resolution 1244” is aimed at KFOR, which according to the Serbs, has been demonstrating partisanship towards Priština in the North Kosovo crisis since 2011 (see H. Ebert, “Der Nordkosovo lässt sich nicht integrieren“, offiziere.ch, 20.09.2011).
  3. The image depicts the Swiss Air Force Aérospatiale AS332M1 Super-Puma. As the exterior of the Swiss Air Force Aérospatiale AS532UL Cougar Mk1 looks very similar, we allowed this answer too. We were also very fair here, however we could not mark “Lynx Mk.9“, “Black Hawk” and “Bell UH-1 Iroquois” as correct.

Description on the “Photo of the week” KFOR website: Swiss Helicopter during a static Helicopter Show at HQ KFOR on April 23, 2005 (click on the photo to enlarge it).

Altogether, 76 answers were given. Of these, 69 answers (91%) were entered into the draw (6 answers were incorrect and one answer was entered too late). The most important clue for solving the puzzle was in the “KFOR” lettering on the helicopter. Those who did a reverse image search would have practically been served answer 2 on a silver platter. The original photo on the depicted placard could also be found at the same time (see right), which was taken in 2005. On this starting image a small Swiss flag can be seen on the left cockpit doors (marked with a yellow circle). A Google search using the search terms (“Swiss Air Force,” “Helicopter,” or “Kosovo” will call up a very extensive article about “10 years Swiss air transport detachment of KFOR” for example.

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