Iran Fires on U.S. Drone

Last week, Iranian warplanes fired on an unarmed U.S. surveillance drone. They missed – they either intended it to be warning shots or Iran’s pilots need a little more training. America maintains the drone was a few miles out in international airspace. Iran says it was in theirs. As with most things having to do with American foreign policy, let’s switch the roles and see if we find it acceptable. Iran sending spy drones a few miles off the coast of New York for “routine surveillance missions”? Yeah, that wouldn’t fly.

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  2. Trevor says:

    The DOD has been itching for a fight with Iran for years. Because they’re stupid. In 2008, they sent ships as close to Irannian territorial waters as they could and then complained when Irannian speedboats started buzzing them. It’s like watching kids in middle school circling each other, making a lot of noise but never throwing a punch.

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