Life Begins At Incorporation

I’ve been posting cartoons here over the last year, and thankful to Offiziere for giving me an outlet to comment on international issues like Julian Assange, Hugo Chavez, and the Syrian revolution.

This week I launched a Kickstarter for my first book, a 225 page collection of cartoons and humor essays titled Life Begins At Incorporation. If you enjoy reading my comics, this is the best way to show your support.

Backing this project with $25 gets you the book as soon as it is released. At $40 you can get the book and have all my comics sent to your inbox every Monday for a year, days before they are released to the public. Higher levels include original drawings in the book, signed prints, and original art for comics. Give it a look and I’ll see you soon with a new cartoon!

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  1. Aaron Colter of Comics Alliance asked Matt Bors a few questions about his project “Life Begins At Incorporation” on Kickstarter.

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