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HMS Queen Elizabeth: ein Symbol britischer Seemacht?

von Roger Näbig (Twitter / LinkedIn). Er arbeitet als Rechtsanwalt und freier Journalist in Berlin mit dem Fokus auf globalen Konflikten, Verteidigung, Sicherheit, Militärpolitik, Rüstungstechnik & Kriegsvölkerrecht. Darüber hinaus hält er Vorträge zu verteidigungspolitischen Themen. For an English version see here. Die HMS … Continue reading

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HQ-9 Spotted at Ngari Gunsa Airport

China has deployed an HQ-9 surface-to-air missile system to Ngari Gunsa, a civil-military airport in the Tibet Autonomous Region. The battery, which operates in the medium-to-long range role, has been deployed at the location since May 2019, commercial imagery shows. … Continue reading

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How Iran Turned Cultural Heritage into Soft Power

by Austin Michael Bodetti. He researches the intersection of Islam, culture, and politics in Africa and Asia. When analysts study Iran, they tend to concentrate on diplomacy, politics, and religion. While this focus can lead to valuable insights, an overemphasis … Continue reading

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Failure to Launch: Macron’s Mission to the Congo

by Paul Pryce. With degrees in political science from both sides of the pond, Paul Pryce has previously worked as Senior Research Fellow for the Atlantic Council of Canada’s Canadian Armed Forces program, as a Research Fellow for the OSCE … Continue reading

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Schweizer Armee: Die Zukunft der Bodentruppen

Unter dem Projektnamen “Air2030” sollen mit der Armeebotschaft 2022 neue Kampfflugzeuge für den Ersatz der F/A-18 C/D und Systeme zur bodengestützten Luftabwehr (BODLUV) grösserer Reichweite beschafft werden. Für die neuen Kampfflugzeuge sind maximal 6 Milliarden, für die BODLUV 2 Milliarden … Continue reading

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Iran Is Fitting out a Jamaran-class Frigate on the Caspian

Satellite imagery shows the construction of a new Jamaran-class frigate at Bandar Anzali on the Caspian. The 94 meter-long vessel replaces the Damavand which was sunk after hitting a breakwater on 10 January 2018. The Damavand had been previously commissioned … Continue reading

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