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US-Japan Military Relations Endure As Trump Wages Expanding Trade Wars

by Kimberly Westenhiser US-Japan military relations could be bolstered as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe seeks to amend Japan’s constitution. A revision would include the explicit mention of Japan’s military, whose existence and role has been controversial since its founding in … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: “Die Politik weigert sich, die eigenen Fehler, insbesondere das Fehlen einer Strategie der vergangenen 16 Jahre zuzugeben …”

Ein Interview mit dem deutschen Oberstarzt a. D. Dr. Reinhard Erös. Er errichtete und betreibt mit der Hilfe afghanischer Mitarbeiter und der von ihm und seiner Frau vor 15 Jahren ins Leben gerufene Familien-Initiative “Kinderhilfe Afghanistan” zahlreiche Bildungs- und medizinische … Continue reading

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Was NATO’s eastward expansion a broken promise?

Dieser Artikel ist auch in Deutsch verfügbar. [The West] have lied to us many times, made decisions behind our backs, placed us before an accomplished fact. This happened with NATO’s expansion to the East, as well as the deployment of … Continue reading

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How the South Sudanese Civil War Is Fueling Climate Change

by Austin Michael Bodetti. He researches the intersection of Islam, culture, and politics in Africa and Asia and visited South Sudan in January 2016. Great powers such as China and the United States may have the most sway over the … Continue reading

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Die Schweiz, die NATO und Geschlechtergleichstellung – wo bitte ist hier der Link?

von Anna-Lena Schluchter. Frau Schluchter arbeitet als Projektbeauftragte in der Abteilung “Gender and Security” beim Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) in Genf. Sie hat Politikwissenschaften, Geschichte und Internationale Beziehungen an der Universität Zürich und am … Continue reading

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A Rumble in the Jungle: Kinshasa Goes to the Polls

by Paul Pryce. With degrees in political science from both sides of the pond, Paul Pryce has previously worked as Senior Research Fellow for the Atlantic Council of Canada’s Canadian Armed Forces program, as a Research Fellow for the OSCE … Continue reading

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Bahrain: a quiet conflict continues to simmer

by Bernd Debusmann Jr. Over the past several years, Shia militants have waged a low-intensity insurgency against the Sunni rulers of the tiny Gulf kingdom of Bahrain, an important frontline in the proxy war between Iran and its rivals in … Continue reading

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China Thinks Its Air Force Can Deter or Even Defeat the US Air Force, and the USAF is Responding

by Darien Cavanaugh. He is writing on politics, foreign policy, global conflict, and weapons platforms has been published at War is Boring,, The National Interest, Real Clear Defense, Yahoo! News, The Week, Global Comment, and the Center for Securities … Continue reading

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Die Transformation vom chinesischen Drachen zu einem weltgrössten Datenkrake

by Ypsilons 378 This article is also available in English. Die chinesische Regierung plant das eigene Volk mit einem umfassenden “Sozialkreditsystem” zu überwachen. Damit will sie Ehrlichkeit und Aufrichtigkeit fördern, um den ökonomischen und sozialen Fortschritt voranzutreiben. Dabei sollen “Vertrauensbrecher” … Continue reading

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China Launches Additional Type 094 SSBNs

Workers at the Bohai Shipyard at Huludao have constructed two additional Type 094 JIN-class ballistic missile nuclear submarines (SSBN), satellite imagery from Planet Labs suggests. One Type 094 relocated from the shipyard’s fabrication hall to the nearby fitting-out pier in … Continue reading

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