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The Iranian-built Sorocaima Reflagged

Previously, I covered Iran’s construction of the Sorocaima for Venezuela’s PDVSA in what was supposed to be a four tanker deal. Despite Iranian news stories to the contrary, the vessel was never delivered, largely due to Venezuela’s mismanagement of the economy. It also seems … Continue reading

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The United States Hasn’t Abandoned Israel Over The Iran Deal

by Joseph Trevithick, a freelance journalist and researcher. He is also a regular contributing writer at War is Boring and a Fellow at Since reaching a landmark agreement with Iran over its controversial nuclear program, U.S. President Barack Obama … Continue reading

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Growing maritime linkages in Indo-Pacific: India-US-Japan

by Darshana M. Baruah. She is a Junior Fellow at the New Delhi based think tank, Observer Research Foundation, is working on the South China Sea and has completed her Masters in International Relations from Cardiff University in 2012. The … Continue reading

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French Fighters Target Islamic State Revenue

“We intervened in Syria… yesterday evening with a strike on an oil supply center near Deir Ezzor on the border between Iraq and Syria,” French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian announced today. Given the location of the strikes, it’s likely … Continue reading

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Veranstaltungshinweis: Wie lange Spiesse braucht unser Nachrichtendienst?

Nach einer bewegenden Geschichte, welche mehr als acht Jahre zurückgeht, wurde das neue Nachrichtendienstgesetz in der Herbstsession von beiden Räten deutlich angenommen. Die Grüne Fraktion vertrat dabei eine ablehnende, die bürgerlichen Parteien eine zustimmende Haltung. Die ​Sozialdemokratische Fraktion zeigte sich … Continue reading

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Sea Control 99 – The Politics of Basing

This is the first Sea Control edition by Matthew Merighi, who is Director of Publications at CIMSEC. In the present edition, Merighi welcomes Professor Geoffrey Gresh, Associate Professor at the United States National Defense University, to talk about his new … Continue reading

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#SRFglobal: China, der hungrige Drache

Die letzte Ausgabe von #SRFglobal — das Auslandsmagazins des Schweizer Fernsehens — widmet sich dem Ressourcenhunger Chinas. Mit 109 Millionen Menschen gehört in China ein zunehmender Anteil der Bevölkerung zum Mittelstand — mit dementsprechenden steigenden Ansprüche. Bis 2050 wird China … Continue reading

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Anschaffung neuer Sturmgewehre – Frankreich & Deutschland starten Dialog

von Björn Müller (Facebook / Twitter). Er ist Journalist in Berlin mit dem Schwerpunkt Sicherheits- und Geopolitik. Ein neues Standard-Sturmgewehr für ihre Armeen – das suchen zurzeit Frankreich wie auch Deutschland. Die Bundeswehr möchte ab 2019 einen Nachfolger für das … Continue reading

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New Missile Base Highlights Importance of Iran’s Underground Facilities

by Galen Wright. Recent imagery showing Iran’s use of underground facilities (UGF) to house ballistic missiles highlights the continued importance of hardened shelters to Tehran’s military doctrine. This can be seen, not just among ballistic missiles, but also with the … Continue reading

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Estonia’s security concerns and vulnerabilities

by Patrick Truffer. He graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs and completes a Master of Arts program in International Relations at the Freie Universität Berlin. Estonian President Toomas … Continue reading

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