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Sea Control 46 & 47: Indonesia Primer & British vs. American Surface Warfare Officers

Last week, I was job-related occupied and had no time to review the newest episodes of Sea Control. Thus, I will review in this article the latest two. On 9 July 2014, the 3rd Indonesian presidential election was held. Voters … Continue reading

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Personal Theories of Power: The Defense Industrial Base

by Mikhail Grinberg. He is an aerospace and defense strategy consultant in Washington DC. This article is part of the Personal Theories of Power series, a joint Bridge–CIMSEC project which asked a group of national security professionals to provide their … Continue reading

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The Islamic World’s Westphalian Moment

by Major Chad M. Pillai. Major Chad M. Pillai is an Army Strategist in the U.S. Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC). He recently served as a Special Assistant to the Commander, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and the 38th Army … Continue reading

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America Has Itself to Blame for Europe’s Weakness

Last Monday, published an article about Europe’s weakness. In his article, Sid Lukkassen focused his remarks on a socialisation of men in Europe which was influenced by feminism. The article thus provided some impetus for a critical discussion (see … Continue reading

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The Geopolitical Crisis

by Sid Lukkassen. Lukkassen holds an MA in history and philosophy, is a Ph.D candidate and city councillor in the Netherlands (VVD). Autumn 2014, he publishes his book Avondland en Identiteit (Occident and Identity). This article was originally published in … Continue reading

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Energy Security: 10+1 Principles

by Patrick Truffer. Patrick Truffer graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs and completes a Master of Arts program in International Relations at the Freien Universität Berlin. In Switzerland, … Continue reading

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Amerikas Mann in Libyen

von Peter Dörrie General Khalifa Haftar führt ein ereignisreiches Leben. Geboren um 1943, war er an zwei Revolutionen in seinem Heimatland Libyen beteiligt. Er hat für und gegen den ehemaligen Machthaber Muammar al Gaddafi gekämpft und ist heute einer der … Continue reading

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MH17 und KAL007: Warum die Welt kein Déjà-vu erlebt

Von Danny Chahbouni. Danny studiert Geschichte und Politikwissenschaft an der Philipps-Universität Marburg. Nach dem Abschuss von Flug Malaysian Airlines MH17 über den Kampfzonen der Ost-Ukraine wurden häufiger Parallelen zu einem anderen, irrtümlichen Flugzeugabschuss gezogen: Flug Korean Airlines 007 (KAL007), der … Continue reading

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Rockets and Iron Dome, the Case of Lebanon

  by Jassem Al Salami. The 2014 Gaza conflict marks a new breaking point in Israel-Palestine balance of power. From 1982 when Palestinian militia started to fire rockets from southern Lebanon toward northern Israel up until today cheap rockets have … Continue reading

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Sea Control 45 – West Africa Naval Development

According to Dirk Steffen, Director of Maritime Security at Risk Intelligence, the navies in West Africa are gradually waking up in the area of maritime security. Historically the navies plaid not an important role for the security in Africa. This … Continue reading

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