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The Pakistani Godfather: The Inter-Services Intelligence and the Afghan Taliban 1994-2010 (2/4)

by Dr. Adrian Hänni and Lukas Hegi. The aim of the present study is to gather facts and disclose links that demonstrate the kind of game the Pakistani government is playing with the West, with its intelligence service “Inter-Services Intelligence” … Continue reading

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“Inconsistent” Asia Pivot Could Exacerbate Sino-American Tension

If the United States fail to adequate communicate their “pivot” or “rebalancing” to East Asia and emphasize its military component at the expense of necessary economic cooperation, it risks heightening Chinese fears of encirclement, the nation’s former ambassador to China … Continue reading

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Taliban Diplomacy

The Taliban has opened a new embassy-like office in Qatar ahead of peace talks that are supposed to begin soon. They are brutal dudes who all look a little rough, but I must say their embassy-in-exile is quite elegant. Flying … Continue reading

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The Pivot to East Asia … or how to balance the emerging power of China

This article was written by Patrick Truffer for the Freie Universität Berlin. This essay explores the relationship of the “Pivot to East Asia” strategy to the increasing power potential of China whilst investigating the implementation of the balance of power … Continue reading

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Fire on ice: Russia’s new Arctic brigades

by Rob O’Gorman / Open Briefing Russia first publicly announced plans to form at least one Arctic brigade in 2011. Many questions still remain over this move. Certainly Russia has experience in conducting polar military operations in eastern Siberia and … Continue reading

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Änderungen im Autoren-Team / Changes to the team of authors

Deutsch (scroll down for an English translation) Im Frühling 2005 startete als Einmann-Blog. Auch wenn die alten Artikel qualitativ den heutigen Ansprüchen nicht mehr gerecht werden, bleiben sie trotzdem abrufbar, da sie ein Teil des Blogs sind. Gegen Ende … Continue reading

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Hands-On With The Precision-Guided Rifle

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN TrackingPoint, a Texas-based firearms manufacturer, released what the company calls the world’s first precision-guided rifle for sale in the United States last month — a futuristic weapon that uses a combination of ballistic calculators and a laser-targeting … Continue reading

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Rezension: Befestigungsanlagen und Bunker im Dritten Reich

von Seka Smith Der Westwall und die unterschiedlichen Bunkerlinien, die unter der Bezeichnung Ostwall bekannt sind, sind wohl die bekanntesten Verteidigungsanlagen des Dritten Reiches. Bereits ein Jahr nach der Übernahme der Macht durch das NS-Regime wurde angefangen, verbunkerte Verteidigungsanlagen zu … Continue reading

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Israels maritime Aufrüstung im Rennen um das Mittelmeergas

von Niklas Anzinger. Niklas Anzinger hat an der Universität Bayreuth Philosophy & Economics (B.A.) studiert. Er arbeitet derzeit beim American Enterprise Institute in Washington D.C. und wird ab August 2013 International Security & Development an der Syracuse University studieren. Am … Continue reading

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Will China Fight Falklands-Style Wars?

by Felix F. Seidler. Felix is a fellow at the Institute for Security Policy, University of Kiel, Germany and runs the site Seidlers Sicherheitspolitik”. Here is what the Pentagon’s analogy of China and Falkland-Style wars is really about. The PLAN … Continue reading

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