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Putin Dreams of an Eurasian Empire

by Nick Ottens As Europe was covered in a blanket of snow this January, a familiar spectacle played out in the east. Russia reduced gas exports to the West by some 15 percent because domestic consumption soared in the cold … Continue reading

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Afghanistan’s Leadership Problem

by DAVID AXE Afghan security forces will take over as U.S.-led international troops gradually withdraw from Afghanistan through 2014. At least that’s the plan. Poor leadership could undermine Afghan efforts to secure their own country. “There’s a gross lack of … Continue reading

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Aufgeschnappt: Saab Gripen im Sturzflug

Gestern Abend titelte der Sonntag in einem Artikel, dass kein Schweizer Pilot den Gripen E/F – welcher vom Bundesrat als Tiger Teilersatz erkürt wurde – je geflogen hatte. Faktisch fand damit nie eine praktische Evaluation des Gripen E/F statt, auf … Continue reading

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48. Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz

Zwischen dem 3. und dem 5. Februar 2012 fand die 48. Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz statt. Auf den ersten Blick unterschied sich das diesjährige Programm nicht sonderlich von dem letztjährigen: die Globale Finanzkrise und deren Konsequenzen auf die Internationale Sicherheit stand erneut … Continue reading

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China and Russia Have Interests Too

by Nick Ottens Western powers said they were appalled and “disgusted” by China’s and Russia’s veto of a United Nations Security Council resolution that would have called on Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to step down and allow an interim government … Continue reading

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Insurgent Nationalism Contradicts Russia’s “Thousand Year History” Says Putin

Nick Ottens is an historian from the Netherlands who researched Muslim revivalist movements and terrorism in nineteenth century Arabia, British India and the Sudan. He writes for and edits the transatlantic news and commentary website Atlantic Sentinel and is a … Continue reading

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ISAF, Afghan Taliban Forge Unlikely Alliance in Key Border Town

by DAVID AXE PAKTIKA, Afghanistan — The U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan has an unusual new strategy for defeating the Taliban in one key eastern town: join them. In Marzak, a Kharoti-tribe village of just a few thousand people in northern … Continue reading

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