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Ein Gastbeitrag von H. Ebert Zwischen dem 12.-30. September 2011 fand die Herbstsession der Eidgenössischen Räte statt. Wie üblich fassen wir hier die wichtigsten Punkte im Bereich der Sicherheitspolitik zusammen. Bundesgesetzes über Massnahmen zur Wahrung der inneren Sicherheit Das Bundesgesetzes … Continue reading

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Expert: New U.S. Navy Vessel Fills ‘Logistics Gap’

by DAVID AXE On Sept. 17 at a shipyard in Alabama, the U.S. Navy christened USNS Spearhead, the first of at least 10 — and possibly up to 23 — Joint High Speed Vessels. These 338-foot catamaran transports, operated by … Continue reading

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Der Nordkosovo lässt sich nicht integrieren

Die Unruhen im Nordkosovo Ende Juli 2011 zeigten der Öffentlichkeit für eine sehr kurze Zeit die latent ungelösten Problem im Kosovo auf. Die Situation war weder vor noch nach den Unruhen stabilisiert. Mit der Ankündigung Pristinas mit Hilfe der EULEX … Continue reading

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Air Power’s Robotic Future: An Interview with Northrop Grumman’s Carl Johnson

by DAVID AXE The future of aerial warfare was on dramatic display on Feb. 4 at Edwards Air Force Base in California. At around 2:00 PM local time, a 38-foot-long, bat-shaped, jet-powered robotic aircraft lifted off from the runway and … Continue reading

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Private Pirate-Fighters Risk Attack, Detention

by DAVID AXE In December, a vessel with four men aboard eased into the port of Massawa in the East African country of Eritrea. It was an unplanned stop. The ship, operated by Protection Vessels International, a British company, had … Continue reading

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U.S. Navy Beefs Up Anti-Sub Capabilities

by DAVID AXE The U.S. Navy appears to be quietly modifying some of its Arleigh Burke-class destroyers with a new sonar system possibly optimized for detecting increasingly quiet Chinese submarines. Photos (before and after) of the destroyer USS Lassen show … Continue reading

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Ein Gastbeitrag von H. Ebert Da der Administrator immer noch im Ausland weilt und deshalb den letzten Sessionsrückblick ausgelassen hatte, habe ich mich entschieden, die Sommersession der Eidgenössischen Räte vom 30. Mai bis zum 17. Juni 2011 für den Administrator … Continue reading

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Chinese Nuclear Accident Alleged

by David Axe A nuclear submarine in the port of Dalian in northern China has suffered an accident and is leaking radiation, according to a former Japanese fighter pilot-turned-blogger. “The area is strictly closed off by the Chinese military, and … Continue reading

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Raptor Grounding Exposes Air Force Risk

by DAVID AXE For two months, the U.S. Air Force has been without its newest jet fighter. But the situation could be far worse — and likely will be in coming years as the Air Force trades the robustness of … Continue reading

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A Small-Ship Strategy for Countering China

by David Axe After more than a decade in rework, China’s first aircraft carrier should set sail from the port of Dalian in northeast China any day now. The former Soviet carrier Varyag, reportedly named Shi Lang, is a potent … Continue reading

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