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Even With a Bigger Navy, It’ll Be Tough for Beijing to Control the South China Sea

by Robert Beckhusen, freelance writer It’s one of the perennial stories of world politics. China is rapidly building up its naval forces, and one of the directions those warships are heading is into the disputed zones of the South China … Continue reading

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Russia Has Crimea, But Its Military Could Suffer For it

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN Crimea is now, for all intents and purposes, part of the Russian Federation. But the Feb. 27 invasion of the Ukrainian peninsula and its March 28 annexation is likely to do long-term damage to Russia’s efforts to … Continue reading

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The U.S. Better Get Used to China’s Growing Role in Afghanistan

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN The deadline for U.S. forces to leave Afghanistan is approaching at the end of 2014. But whether American troops leave completely or keep a smaller force, China is expected to play an increasing role in the Afghan … Continue reading

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What China Wants For Its Army: Loads More Artillery

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN China’s most attention-grabbing military machines are in the air and at sea, but the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is undergoing reforms aimed at making it more maneuverable and capable of fighting potential wars along the border with … Continue reading

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How the Volgograd Attacks Pose a Problem For Russia’s Military Plans

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN Terrorism returned again to the Russian city of Volgograd despite a major security operation ordered by the Kremlin during the run-up to the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. But the attacks have also demonstrated a severe weakness … Continue reading

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Watch These Voice-Controlled Drones Recognize a Human Face

[youtube] by ROBERT BECKHUSEN Sending commands to a single hovering drone is one thing, but now one group of researchers is experimenting with a swarm of drones that recognize their masters by voice and face. The quadrotor drones seen … Continue reading

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Is Pakistan Ready to Field a Rocket-Launched, Miniaturized Nuke?

by Robert Beckhusen Two years, a new Pakistani rocket appeared on a testing range–this one designed to lob small, tactical nuclear warheads against an future Indian blitzkrieg. Manoj Joshi, a columnist for India’s Mail Today warned the test represented a … Continue reading

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Norway’s Conscript Military is a ‘Massive Waste,’ Ex-Defense Chief Says

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN Norway’s military is one of the best-funded in Europe, but according to the general who used to run it, the armed service is setting itself up for a war it’s sure to lose without major reforms to the … Continue reading

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U.S. Readies More Warships and Aircraft for Syria Strike

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN Legislative approval for U.S. strikes on Syria is churning through Congress, with Democratic and Republican leaders now backing Pres. Barack Obama’s plan for military action. In the meantime, the U.S. and one of its few partners, France, … Continue reading

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Tunisia Hammers Militants in Mountain Offensive

by ROBERT BECKHUSEN Tunisian forces have launched a second offensive against militants near the Algerian border in a year, with artillery and helicopters carrying out air strikes around the country’s highest mountain. The offensive, which began Friday, is aimed at … Continue reading

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