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Operation Serval Timeline

by DAVID AXE On Friday, Jan. 11, Islamic militants occupying northern Mali in West Africa advanced on a key town separating the government-controlled south from the northern part of the country, held by rebels since Spring 2012. France, Mali’s former … Continue reading

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Satellites Observe Mali War

by DAVID AXE Commercial satellite operator GeoEye sends along these images of the week-old, French-led intervention in Islamist-controlled northern Mali:

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I Got Caught in the Feds’ Terror Finance Net

by DAVID AXE I went to Congo to write a comic book about a terror group — and ended up being labelled a terror supporter myself by the Treasury Department. The bizarre tale of my graphic novel Army of God, … Continue reading

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China Upgrades Iranian Jets

by DAVID AXE If Iran and the U.S. ever come to blows over Tehran’s nuclear program, U.S. warplanes could face an Iranian aerial arsenal that, while old, has been heavily upgraded. China is helping Iran add new sensors and weapons … Continue reading

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China Stages Massive Air Exercises

by DAVID AXE China has staged two massive air force exercises in recent weeks, each involving scores of high-performance warplanes. The training events signal a potentially huge leap in the ability of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force to coordinate … Continue reading

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Brainstorming the Fighter after Next

by DAVID AXE The general in charge of the U.S. Air Force’s Air Combat Command says he doesn’t know what the flying branch’s after-next jet fighter will look like. But he does know the Air Force will need a so-called … Continue reading

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‘Dronestagram’ Chonicles Robot Strikes in Photos

by DAVID AXE After 11 years of remote warfare including no fewer than 1,000 drone strikes, a 32-year-old London artist has begun chronicling the targets of U.S. robotic attacks on the photo-sharing service Instagram. According to creator James Bridle, “Dronestagram” … Continue reading

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Stealth Jet’s Starring Role Nixed as Top Gun 2 Stalls

by DAVID AXE It turns out we probably won’t get to see Tom Cruise pilot an F-35 stealth fighter in deadly air combat. The long-awaited sequel to the 1986 action flick Top Gun — or long-dreaded, depending on your taste … Continue reading

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Robotic Exoskeleton Marches into Commercial Market

[youtube] by DAVID AXE They were once the stuff of science fiction. In recent years, a host of government and private groups have begun experimenting with robotic exoskeletons able to augment the human body — and even restore paraplegics’ … Continue reading

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‘A Lot Going On!’ in Military Intelligence Disclosure

by DAVID AXE The Pentagon’s vast intelligence apparatus includes satellites, spy planes, ground-based electronic snooping devices and a virtual army of operatives, analysts, linguists, cryptologists and hackers. That’s evident in a Fiscal Year 2010 budget justification document obtained, via a … Continue reading

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