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Nachschlag: Gripen-Scheintest, Kony-Sequel und mehr

Es ist wieder einmal Zeit einige Entwicklungen der letzten Monate, über welche berichtet hatte, mit einem Nachschlag upzudaten. Gripen-Scheintest kritisierte in verschiedenen Artikeln, dass der Gripen E/F nur auf Grund technischer Daten und nicht mittels Testflügen evaluiert wurde. … Continue reading

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U.S. Hails Ugandan Forces as Top LRA Commander Captured

by DAVID AXE Ugandan troops on Saturday captured a senior leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group. Self-styled “major general” Caesar Acellam, a 20-year veteran of the brutal Ugandan group, was grabbed near the border between the Democratic Republic … Continue reading

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How to Talk to the Lord’s Resistance Army

by DAVID AXE As a military target, the Ugandan Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group in Congo makes other armed bands look easy, in comparison. Even the Taliban — a notoriously fleet-footed group that easily blends in among Afghan civilians — … Continue reading

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Aviators Key to Congo Peace Operations

Dungu, Congo — The Democratic Republic of Congo is the size of Western Europe. It’s thickly forested and has only 300 miles of paved roads. For everyday Congolese, just traveling between towns can be hugely inconvenient. For the U.N. peacekeeping force, transportation is more than inconvenient: it’s a problem of strategic proportions. If MONUSCO cannot move, it cannot protect millions of vulnerable Congolese in the country’s remote eastern provinces, where an alphabet soup of rebel groups rape, murder and pillage while pursuing obscure ethnic and political agendas or mere survival. Continue reading

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In Congo, Armies’ Grand Visions Meet Harsh Reality

The “Medflag ’10” medical training exercise opened with a sense of optimism. On September 6, hundreds of Congolese and U.S. Army doctors and medics gathered in Kinshasa at an overgrown base belonging to the Congolese Forces Armees de la Republique Democratique du Congo (FARDC) for the opening ceremony of the two-week event. A Congolese honor guard marched in precise columns as a band played Congolese tunes and the U.S. national anthem. Continue reading

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Deutscher Einsatz im Kongo

Anfangs letzter Woche wurde durch die EU entschieden, dass ein Einsatz von militärischen Formationen zur Sicherstellung der Wahlen im Kongo durchgeführt werden soll (siehe Netzzeitung). Eine wichtige Rolle dabei spielt die Deutsche Bundeswehr, die diesen Einsatz führen und ca. ein … Continue reading

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