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Afrikas Krisenherde im Jahr 2014

von Peter Dörrie. Afrika ist nicht mehr der “verlorene Kontinent” der 90er Jahre. Es gibt insgesamt, wie auch im Rest der Welt, weniger Bürgerkriege und bewaffnete Konflikte. In einzelnen Ländern führen jedoch innenpolitische Krisen immer noch zu Gewaltausbrüchen, die teils … Continue reading

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Film Review: Lone Survivor

Small Wars Journal Film Review by Jeong Lee: Lone Survivor This review was originally published on Small Wars Journal and is cross-posted by permission. Of late, many films on Special Operations Forces (SOFs) have been released that either mythologize the elite warriors or … Continue reading

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Von Ost nach West: Neue Fronten im Kampf gegen Piraterie in Afrika

If you don’t understand German, then check out “African Piracy Goes West” about the same topic, also written by Peter Dörrie, published on “War is Boring”. Mit nur 11 Angriffen – wovon nur zwei in Entführungen endeten – war es … Continue reading

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‘Dronestagram’ Chonicles Robot Strikes in Photos

by DAVID AXE After 11 years of remote warfare including no fewer than 1,000 drone strikes, a 32-year-old London artist has begun chronicling the targets of U.S. robotic attacks on the photo-sharing service Instagram. According to creator James Bridle, “Dronestagram” … Continue reading

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Kenyan Blitz Eradicates Militant Stronghold

[youtube] by DAVID AXE By air, land and sea the U.S.-backed Kenyan military has liberated the port of Kismayo, the last major stronghold of the Al Shabab militant group in southern Somalia. Six months after Ugandan and Burundian peacekeepers, … Continue reading

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Secret Somalia Mission Reveals Warship’s Role

by DAVID AXE A nearly disastrous daylight raid by U.S. Special Forces in Somalia four years ago ended with a surprising intervention by a U.S. Navy warship — and illustrates the largely unheralded role the Navy’s vessels are playing in … Continue reading

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Kenyan Jets Spearhead Somalia Operation

by DAVID AXE Second-hand F-5 jet fighters belonging to the tiny, untested Kenyan air force are spearheading a risky Kenyan invasion of southern Somalia aimed at destroying a Somali terror group. On Oct. 17, around 2,000 Kenyan troops invaded southern … Continue reading

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Private Pirate-Fighters Risk Attack, Detention

by DAVID AXE In December, a vessel with four men aboard eased into the port of Massawa in the East African country of Eritrea. It was an unplanned stop. The ship, operated by Protection Vessels International, a British company, had … Continue reading

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A Former Somali Insurgent Speaks Out

by DAVID AXE U.S.-backed government troops are on the move in Mogadishu, bolstered by an expanded African Union peacekeeping force. Insurgent terror group Al Shabab is losing ground. With Somalia’s 20-year-long civil war entering a new phase, I spoke to … Continue reading

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Expert: “We’re Not Getting Anywhere” with Somali Pirates

Nineteen years after the collapse of the Somali government, a decade since impoverished Somali fishermen began arming themselves to ward off foreign fishing vessels and around two years since NATO, the E.U. and the U.S. Navy all formed counter-piracy forces for the Indian Ocean, sea banditry off the Somali coast continues unabated. By some measures, the problem has grown worse, with more pirates striking farther from the Somali coast — as far north as the Indian coast — and taking more hostages and holding them longer. To gain a sense of the progress, or lack thereof, of the international “war on piracy,” spoke to Dr. Martin Murphy, a Virginia-based piracy expert and author of the forthcoming book Somalia, the New Barbary? Continue reading

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