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Forces on Russian Soil Fire Into Ukraine

The Obama administration stepped up pressure on Russia with another release of commercial satellite imagery in a attempt to stop the fighting. However, considering how Putin squandered his opportunity to ratchet things down with the MH17 disaster, it’s doubtful these efforts will be … Continue reading

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North Korea Opens Russian Financed Wharf

Satellite imagery acquired by DigitalGlobe shows the recently renovated wharf at North Korea’s Rajin Port located on the east coast. In an inaugural ceremony on 18JUL14, North Korea opened Wharf No. 03 for operation, according to a report in the … Continue reading

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Why Won’t Putin Just Let Ukraine Go?

Russian president Vladimir Putin stands to gain little from continuing to incite rebellion in Ukraine. But having framed his actions there as coming to the defense of ethnic Russians, it is difficult for him to back down. With Ukraine’s government … Continue reading

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How NATO Can Defend Estonia Against Russia

by Felix F. Seidler. Felix is a fellow at the Institute for Security Policy, University of Kiel, Germany and runs the site Seidlers Sicherheitspolitik“. This article was published there at first. NATO has to adapt its way of collective defense … Continue reading

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We Didn’t Start the Future: NATO Expansion Not to Blame for Ukraine Crisis

Russian president Vladimir Putin and his defenders like to cite NATO’s eastward expansion following the end of the Cold War as a justification for his recent annexation of the Crimea and continued stirring of unrest in Ukraine. While there is … Continue reading

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The Future of Shale Gas II – Will Russia Collapse?

by Jörn Richert, Mercator-IPC Fellow at the Istanbul Policy Center (IPC) at Sabancı University in Istanbul, where he conducts a foresight project on EU-Turkish energy relations. This article was published first on Richert’s blog “Future and Politics” and is part … Continue reading

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Report: NATO Isn’t Ready for Russia’s New Way of War

by Robert Beckhusen. Robert Beckhusen is a freelance writer who contributes regularly at War is Boring. He’s also written for publications including C4ISR Journal, Wired, The Daily Beast and World Politics Review. You can follow him on Twitter. Russia’s invasion … Continue reading

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Die Ukraine : Nuklearmacht auf Zeit

Von Danny Chahbouni. Danny Chahbouni studiert Geschichte und Politikwissenschaft an der Philipps-Universität Marburg Hätte Russland auch die territoriale Integrität einer nuklear bewaffneten Ukraine so leichtfertig verletzt? Zeitgleich mit dem Auftauchen der „Grünen Männchen“, die zunächst die Krim und dann Teile … Continue reading

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Postwestliche Weltordnung: Geopolitik und Machtspiele

von Felix F. Seidler. Felix F. Seidler ist freier Mitarbeiter am Institut für Sicherheitspolitik an der Universität in Kiel und Administrator von Seidlers Sicherheitspolitik. Dieser Artikel wurde dort als erstes veröffentlicht. Auf dem Weg in die postwestliche Weltordnung sind die … Continue reading

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Cartoon of the month: Putin’s Missing Shirt

Judging by the pictures of Mr. Putin in his free time, he is in need of a new shirt. In light of his recent behaviour, cartoonist Pedro Molina from Nicaragua has a fashion tip. • • • Molina is a … Continue reading

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